Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with Different Apple ID

Can you Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with Different Apple ID?

iCloud provides an easy way to help users sync and manage iPhone contacts, messages, calendar logs, etc. You can easily access that information on any iDevice as long as you log in with the same Apple ID. If you receive a new iPhone, it will allow you to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone by enabling contacts in iCloud.

In addition to receiving a new iPhone, you may need to use a new Apple ID to restart. In this case, there is a new question: how to transfer contacts from one Apple ID to another? Or you may have forgotten your current iCloud account, but want to transfer the contacts list to a new iPhone. Continue reading to find out an effective method to transfer iPhone to iPhone with different Apple ID.

Powerful iOS iOS Data Transfer Assistant – FoneTool

Powerful iOS iOS Data Transfer Assistant – FoneTool

To make things easier, FoneTool is a professional iPhone transfer tool for Windows PC that we recommend. It allows you to simply move contacts from iPhone to iPhone in a few clicks, with no Apple account necessary. Here are some important features and benefits of FoneTool:
Simple to use: FoneTool’s straightforward interface enables users of all skill levels to simply transfer communications across iPhones.
• Comprehensive data transfer options: FoneTool allows you to transmit contacts as well as other types of information such as text, photos and videos. Make sure all your important information is transported smoothly between devices.

  • Speed and reliability: FoneTool’s state-of-the-art algorithm enables fast and reliable communication transmission. You can quickly and seamlessly transfer files with it.
  • Data Security: FoneTool attaches importance to data security by using industry-leading encryption technology to protect your contact information during the data transfer process.
  • Customer support: FoneTool’s experienced customer support staff is here to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter during the transfer process to ensure a perfect and problem-free experience.

How to transfer contacts between different Apple IDs

It’s easy to transfer contacts between different Apple IDs. Just transfer the contacts from the arrival iPhone to the computer and transfer them to the iPhone at your target, you can get the contact you want to bring into another Apple account. You can download FoneTool from the official website and follow the steps.

Step 1. Transfer contacts from source iPhone to computer

  • Connect the source iPhone with the source Apple ID

Connect the source iPhone that saves the contacts you’d like to transfer to PC. Please tap Trust on your iPhone to let the computer access your iPhone files.

  • Select contacts from source iPhone

Now, launch FoneTool, and click Phone Transfer from its Toolbox. Choose iPhone to PC from these options. Click Start Transfer to continue.

You need to check Contacts to preview the contacts on the source iPhone. From here, choose the contacts you want to transfer and click OK to confirm.

  • Modify transfer settings and start

From Transfer Settings, you can change the storage path, and the format you export contact. If everything is OK, you can tap OK, and tap Start Transfer to confirm.

Step 2. Transfer contact to another Apple ID

  • Choose PC to iPhone transfer

Now, unplug the source iPhone and then plug the target iPhone into the computer. This time, you need to choose PC to iPhone option.

  • Start transfer contacts

Click Contacts and choose the contacts you just saved to computer (You can choose to choose them from the folder or direct drag-and-drop in FoneTool). Finally, click Start Transfer to transfer wanted contacts to another Apple ID.


Finally, FoneTool provides a complete and user-friendly solution for moving contacts between iPhones, even if you use a different Apple ID. Whether you’re upgrading to a new iPhone, sharing it with family members, or simply want to move contacts between devices. FoneTool provides the tools you need to send vital contact information quickly, securely, and simply. FoneTool is the ideal freeware phone tool for your iOS, thanks to its simple UI, extensive transfer choices, and devotion to data protection.

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