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How to get rich from Poker is an extremely familiar topic that attracts everyone’s attention.

This is a game that attracts thousands of gamers to participate, with a huge number of prize money at major events and tournaments at major tournaments. The most prestigious bookmaker site in Vietnam.

Adding online forms at bookies also creates conditions for people to participate in challenges and defeat opponents to win bonuses.

Is it real to get rich from Poker?

Have. In fact, there have been many names that have emerged thanks to earning huge sums of money from poker.

There are two ways for people to get rich from Poker.

Method 1: Join the tournament – How people get rich from Poker

Not only in the world, but in Vietnam there have also been many Poker tournaments held.

These events are held on a large scale, so the prize money is extremely large.

This is the factor that attracts many poker players to participate and compete.

Therefore, getting rich from this game is completely possible.

Method 2: Join the online form at the house

Not only participating in tournaments, you can register as a member and play poker at today’s online bookies and also have extremely attractive opportunities to get rich.

These units will organize a competition table for players with betting funds from members.

Waiting for someone to win, they will receive that super big prize.

The attractive nature as well as the huge bonuses have created opportunities for players to become more and more motivated to participate in this game.

Players get rich from online Poker

Evidence of people getting rich from Poker is not rare.

It is not too difficult for you to find a representative name for the event of making huge money from this game.

Let’s see if there are people in the world who have become billionaires, and if there are any Vietnamese people who have changed their lives from this game.

Has anyone in the world gotten rich from poker?

There are many names for you to refer to and set an example for striving to fight to the end with the poker game.

1. Philip Ivey with a huge income of up to 100 million USD

This person’s full name is Philips Dennis Phil jr. He was born on February 1, 1976. The name of this character is famous throughout the poker game industry.

He is known to everyone as a professional African-American poker player.

Up to now, he has won 9 badges from prestigious tournaments in the poker field.

Up to now, his total net worth has reached 100 million USD.

2. Chris Ferguson with assets of 25 million USD

This character was born in 1963, in Los Angeles, USA. His parents belonged to the intellectual class and had doctorates in mathematics.
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His father used to teach game theory and probability theory at the University of California.

He himself also holds a PhD in computer science and focuses on online algorithms.

He has a burning passion for the game of poker. Therefore, he participated in many competitions and won the World series of Poker badge five times.

His total assets can be estimated at 25 million USD. This is a dream amount of money for people who are passionate about this game.

3. Daniel Negreanu – Total assets up to 12 million USD

This is a character born in 1974, known as a professional online poker player, of Romanian and Canadian descent.

He participated in the World series of Poker tournament and won 6 badges. He also won 2 World Poker tour champion titles.

Moreover, he received the best player award at the World series of Poker event in 2004 and 2013.

With a passion for poker, he has achieved a lot of success and owns a fortune of up to 12 million USD.

3. Andrew Feldman owns total assets of up to 10 million USD

This character is quite young compared to those just introduced, he was born in 1987 in Watford.

This is the famous and professional person who got rich from online poker from England.

This character started his career at the age of 18. To date, he owns assets of up to 10 million USD.

This is a respectable number and is dreamed of by many people.

During the second half of 2012, he appeared on the show Secret Millionaire.

This is a British reality show, aimed at holding conversations with millionaires and listening to what they share.

In the world today, there are many other famous people who can get rich from poker.

It can be said that this is one of the entertaining game genres that attracts a large number of players to participate. Furthermore, it offers life-changing opportunities to countless people.

Is it true to get rich from Poker – Vietnamese people earn millions of dollars from Poker

If you feel that the names on the world stage are too strange and not convincing enough, learn more about some of the characters who got rich with Vietnamese Poker.

1. Christian Pham owns 1.8 billion VND

If you talk to people with many years of experience in the field of Poker entertainment, you can learn a lot of information related to Christian Pham.

This is a character of Vietnamese origin who overcame 219 opponents to win 1.8 billion VND in a professional poker tournament held in the US.

He started playing poker in 2008 and came in 2nd in a local tournament that offered only USD prize money.

In 2014, he continued to win with a prize worth 200 USD in a satellite tournament.

The achievements recorded by this character are truly remarkable. There were many people who looked up to him as a role model and followed their passion.

2. Scotty Nguyen more than 40 billion VND

In 2008, Scotty Nguyen conquered the Poker tournament with a prize of up to 2 million USD, equivalent to more than 40 billion Vietnamese Dong.

He is Vietnamese American and has achieved a lot of success with the attractive poker game.

To get such a big reward, he had to overcome many experts in this game field.

3. Qui Nguyen received a prize from the Poker tournament with a prize of 8 million USD

Qui Nguyen, now 45 years old, has defeated many professional players in Las Vegas and won the wsop world championship.

Not only that, at the age of 27, he also won more than 4.6 million USD in poker games.

To be successful, he had to overcome more than 6,700 opponents to reach the final round.

With such a harsh tournament, his ability to conquer Poker is extremely high.

He needs to win a bracelet worth more than 50,000 USD, made from more than 400g of gold and more than 2,000 diamonds. In addition, there are more than 44 carats of gemstones.

These are just prominent names among the community of people who get rich with Poker.

There are still many other prominent names that you may not know about. They are still immersed in their passion and delight in conquering this game.


Getting rich from Poker is completely possible, but requires practice and investment in game research.

The person who got rich from this game also had to spend a lot of effort researching and learning to conquer it.

Knowledge can be found on many media websites today, but experience is only gained after you experience actual matches.

If you are passionate about this genre, don’t hesitate to invest and upgrade yourself. You can absolutely become a bright name for big tournaments.

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