How to Bet on Badminton Matches? 

Badminton may seem like a simple and unprofessional sport, but it is not. It has become a part of the Olympic program since 1992 and is currently developing rapidly. Its apparent simplicity attracts the interest of bettors and makes it an excellent opportunity to make good profits. If you are an experienced bookmaker client, badminton may become an option to diversify your betting portfolio. In this article, you’ll learn about the badminton betting specifics and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Tips for successful badminton betting

From the bookmakers’ point of view, the main feature of badminton is a lack of popularity. That is why it receives less attention than football, basketball, and other popular team games. But this fact actually can make badminton your goldmine. You can benefit from the bookmakers’ attitude and lack of expert assessments. For example, different betting platforms can publish very different odds for the same event. Sometimes, you can even use the “forks” to make zero-risk bets.

To place profitable bets, you should analyze the options offered on the market and select bookmakers that offer the highest odds. Then you can fund your deposit, come up with a financial strategy, and start betting. By the way, choosing the right replenishing option may also increase your income, as you can eliminate unnecessary fees. Last but not least: don’t skip welcome bonuses. They can give you additional opportunities for the game. 

Badminton betting odds

Let’s briefly list the main odds you will find on badminton betting lines: 

  • Match winner. Just choose win 1 or win 2. 
  • Handicap. This bet may appear even on live lines, which is good as you can adjust your bets. 
  • Total. There are usually two options: two or three sets in the match. You can select one of them. 
  • Other odds. Depending on the platform, you may find a variety of secondary quotes on a site. 


Badminton is an incredible game that everyone can understand. If you are really into this sport, you can use your passion for profitable betting. Just find a reputable bookmaker with high odds and start placing bets on badminton matches!

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