Mau Binh card- The Top Rewards Card Game of All Time

Mau Binh card- The Top Rewards Card Game of All Time

Mau Binh card is a reward game that has become one of the top choices of gamers. The appeal of the game not only comes from entertainment but also from the unique combination of tradition and innovation. In this article, bookmaker New88 today will provide detailed information about the game, from basic gameplay. to advanced tactics.

Highlights that attract Mau Binh card players

Bai Mau Binh or also known as Xap Xam is not only a place of entertainment but also a destination with great prizes. The combination of technique and creativity in this game attracts bettors because it is entertaining and offers real profit opportunities. Mau Binh is a special card game, attracting a large number of participants.

  • Xam Xam is not only an entertainment game but also a great money-making opportunity for bettors. With the sophisticated combination of technique and creativity, bettors will not only be satisfied in terms of entertainment but also have the opportunity to earn rewards quickly.
  • Mau Binh at NEW88 has a smart automatic system that provides bettors with attractive and randomly dealt decks of cards. This helps create convenience and excitement for participants.
  • With attractive odds and a variety of tables, card game offers great money-making opportunities for all classes of bettors. The delicate combination of luck and strategy makes the game an attractive choice.
  • Mau Binh uses an advanced technology system to ensure a smooth gaming experience and no technical problems. At the same time, protecting players’ personal information is a top priority.

Mau Binh is a special playground, attracting a large number of participants

Sharing how to play Mau Binh card is super easy to understand

Below are detailed instructions on how to play Mau Binh song, helps you understand and participate in the game easily:

Basic rules of playing Mau Binh card game

In the game, you will discover some similarities with Southern Tien Len. Each player will receive 13 cards and will be tasked with arranging them into 3 different sets. Of these, the first and second suits will contain 5 cards, while the third suit will only have 3 cards. The basic principle of Mau Binh is to arrange so that the first set is stronger than the next.

Normally, gamers have about 90 seconds to arrange their cards before comparing. The comparison process usually only takes 5 seconds. If the bettor has a Mau Binh set that wins white, they will not need to compare. Additionally, if the decks are of equal value, the bettor will be split the payout.

Rules for playing the Mau Binh card game that players should know when participating

These terms were formed in Mau Binh

In the Mau Binh game, there are many types of cards formed, each with its own characteristics and rules. Below are some common terms in Mau Binh that bettors often encounter:

  • Mau Bi: This is a case where individual leaves cannot form any links.
  • Pair: In a suit, there are two cards with equal numerical value, possibly of different suits.
  • Animal: Used to refer to a deck of cards with two different pairs and 1 odd card.
  • Sam: In a set, there are a total of three cards with the same numerical value, but different suits. For example, the three cards 8 of hearts, 8 of diamonds and 8 of spades will form a set of cards.
  • Straight: This is a set of 5 cards of consecutive value and forms a long row of straights. The last card in the deck does not count as a straight.
  • Flush: This is the case where five cards have different numerical values, but have the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: A genus with 4 cards that have the same numerical value, but different qualities.
  • Cu flood: In one set, there is a combination of sam set and double set. However, this case cannot happen in the last limb according to Mau Binh playing rules.
  • Straight of the same suit: Used to refer to a deck of cards that has a set of straights of the same suit.
  • Straight flush: This is the case when a set owns cards with the same suit and ends with an A.

Some popular card hands in Mau Binh game

Revealing Mau Binh card playing strategies from experts to help you win big

When participating in card games, strategy plays an important role in winning. This is just one of many factors that bettors need to consider to become a master. Below are some special strategies that can help bettors achieve greater success and wins in this game.

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Strategic tactics in card games

In the game Mau Binh song, military tactics are often popular and highly effective. The player needs to arrange the sets so that the previous set will have a lower value than the next set. This strategy is often applied strongly when players own the worst card sets. In addition, this is also an effective method to stop opponents in case they tend to triple deck.

TPlay the Mau Binh card very strongly

Building a strong hand in the game Mau Binh is an important part of the strategy to increase your chances of winning. Here are some ways to help you create a strong hand:

  • Make use of animals: In Mau Binh, animals are considered the strongest. If you are lucky enough to have them, try to keep them and arrange the remaining cards around to form stronger sets.
  • Arrange systematically: When you receive a deck of cards, arrange them systematically for easy identification and use during play. Make sure you create high-value decks or decks to increase your chances of winning.

Strategy plays an important role in winning


Game Mau Binh song is not only an entertainment experience but also an opportunity for players to participate in the world of top prizes of all time. With its diversity, richness in strategy and high payout potential, this game has attracted a large number of bettors. Hopefully through this article, bettors can apply the above strategy and win big rewards.

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