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Sports betting is very popular in India. You can place them by registering and topping up your balance at 1Win. Most often, bettors make football bets. Such bets involve many different margins and are able to bring prizes on a regular basis if the user follows the recommendations for making predictions. Usually bettors choose classic markets, but football provides for special outcomes.

What is a Bet on a Special Market

When placing such a bet, an event is selected that is not related to the result of the competition. For example, you can predict which team will win the draw. These bets, like regular bets, have quotes that depend on the selected markets. The difference is that it is not necessary to analyse the information to make a special bet. There are several types of such bets.

Betting Based on Football Players

Such bets focus on the players rather than other aspects of the competition. Such predictions can be made on one or several athletes. For example, such bets include predicting the player who will score first. Also at 1Win you can predict who will make a hat-trick, how many goals a particular athlete will score.

Prediction Based on Goals

Such bets are centred on the goals that will be scored in the competition. For example, you can predict the time at which the first goal will be scored. You can also predict what the interval will be between goals. This kind of betting is usually available in popular tournaments, such as the Brazilian Serie A, German Bundesliga.

Other Special Bets

There are other variants of special bets that can be placed at 1Win. For example, you can predict the points difference, penalty shootout results, or the total of corners less/more. The exact list of available markets depends on the specific competition.

There are also bets that are not related to the events in the competition at all. For example, it is possible to predict which manager in the top league will be sacked next. Such bets can be short-term, long-term. It is also possible to predict which of the squads will take the first place in the championship in the current season.

Classification of Football Bets by the Level of Influence of the bettor on the Outcome

All bets can be divided into “fun” predictions and bets that require the use of analytical skills. The first bets are optimal for novice bettors. An example of such a bet is predicting how many times the camera will show the lineup coach. “Fun” bets require luck alone – the user’s skills are irrelevant.

Bets that require you to analyse information to increase your chances of winning are suitable for more experienced bettors. An example of such a bet is the line-up that will be the first to score 2 points. To place a winning bet, you will need to study statistical data and the results of past competitions.

Advantages of Special Bets

Such bets can lead to loss of time and money, especially if the bettor already has some experience. For experienced users, it is better to place those bets that allow you to improve the accuracy of prediction by analysing. However, special bets have certain advantages.


Special bets include a large number of markets. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to find the best option for themselves. For example, you can predict the player who will make a hat-trick.

Ability to Learn How to Place a Bet

Special bets are much easier than regular bets and can teach a beginner how to make predictions. Once you have learnt how to predict additional markets, you can move on to bets that require analysis.

Winning Opportunities

Bettors who understand special bets can receive regular payouts. Despite the fact that the outcomes depend on luck, analysing the quotes matters. By choosing the best odds, it is possible to get good prizes.

Interesting Entertainment

Special betting is interesting in itself. Predicting how many times the coach of a particular squad will appear in the frame is much more unusual than predicting the winner of a competition. The main thing is to be careful that betting does not lead to significant financial losses.

Recommendations on the Design of Special Predictions

The bettor can increase the chances of winning by following simple recommendations. We can highlight 2 of the most useful tips.

Think Outside the Box

Special bets often involve sudden turns of events. For this reason, thinking outside the box is important. You should always be prepared for the possibility that an outcome that is almost 100% likely to happen will never happen.

Do Not Bet on Football Stars Alone

In most cases, it is much easier to predict outcomes associated with lesser-known footballers rather than famous athletes. This is because there are a limited number of markets available for lesser known players.

1Win is the Best Option for Special Football Betting in India

1Win can be called the best option for bettors from India, as the platform provides bettors with several serious advantages. The main ones include:

  • A large number of matches in the line, a wide selection of leagues;
  • In-depth lineups containing outcomes with favourable quotes;
  • A large welcome package containing a 500% bonus for the first 4 deposits;
  • Special rewards for expresses;
  • Quick response of technical support to submitted requests.

The platform’s advantages also include support for a large number of payment services popular in India.

Open 1Win to start making football bets after registering and funding your account. Install the company’s app if you want to predict sports outcomes from your mobile device.

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