Future Fund Hi88 Journey with Poor Children Overcoming Difficulties

Future Fund Hi88 is one of this bookmaker’s investments in charity activities. Besides being a place for entertainment and healthy betting for many bettors,Hi88 Also very interested in social work. Below are some typical activities of this fund.

A few words about the future fund Hi88

Established in mid-January 2019, the fund has now operated continuously for more than 5 years, becoming an organization that promotes learning for children in the area. Future Fund Hi88 is a non-profit organization that operates on money from entertainment corporations Hi88.

The fund’s goal is to support and stimulate the development of educational, charitable, sports, scientific and medical activities for underprivileged children. All activities of the organization are monitored by authorities.

Thanks to its seriousness, the future fund has been the destination for many disadvantaged children for many years.Hi88 not only brings economic benefits but also creates trust and gives opportunities to these young people.

Future fund performance history Hi88

To help readers better understand the activities and motto of future fund Hi88, below the historical milestones of clause talentmain This.

January 2019

This is the time when the newly formed group still faces many difficulties. In the early stages, the group did not have money to support the children. The main activities at this time are optimizing the process and finding investors and sponsors.

August 2019

The Future Fund began to have its first volunteer trips to send gifts to children and people in remote areas who do not have enough economic conditions. The Fund also organized many activities for the mountain community on the occasion of the opening of the 2019 – 2020 school year.

December 2022

The group continued its charity campaigns until December 2022, when the “Love Meal” program was established. This is a group under the foundation with the goal of providing free meals every day at hospitals across the country.

January 2023

The Meal of Love group started providing the first meals at many hospitals in the area. The group’s activities were responded to and praised by many people.

April 2023

Despite the difficulties of the more than 200km journey to Son La, the program “Joining hands with fellow people to share love” was successfully organized. Here, the Future Fund awarded more than 1,000 gifts to families in difficult circumstances and children who overcame difficulties and studied well.

September 2023

This is the most exciting period of the Fund’s activities with many programs such as:

  • Supported nearly 80 million VND for 4 unfortunate families whose relatives were buried in an accident at Quang Ninh coal mine
  • The “Because You Deserve” program gives gifts to many disadvantaged students
  • Program “AccompanyingHi88” Supporting the distribution of many gifts on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
  • Support program for unfortunate families in distress in the Khuong Ha mini apartment fire.

Vision and mission of the future fund Hi88

Vision and mission are two important contents for a charity organization to benefit society. Let’s learn about these two contents here Hi88 down here.
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Vision in 2024

Future Fund Hi88 aims to create opportunities and confidence for many poor children to go to school. The fund itself and its board members always strive to gain the trust of the people.

The group is committed to solving social and economic issues and promoting non-profit education and culture. Determined to implement the motto “Today cannot be changed, but tomorrow there is still a chance”.

Mission in 2024

Through the programs that have been, are being and will be done in the new year, the fund looks forward to a future full of altruism and inspiration for underprivileged children. Change a better future for the whole society.

Core values ​​of future funds Hi88

The value of the fund is summed up in the slogan “Humanity – Humanity – Mindfulness – Responsibility – Professionalism”. Activities largely come from the group’s business profitsHi88 and sponsors.

The Fund will not receive other sources of money and will not use this money for personal purposes. Each month there will be a clear and transparent income and expenditure report sent to benefactors.

In the new year 2024, future fund Hi88 We hope to expand the scope of support to help disadvantaged people. Long-term vision,fund will expand to countries in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Asia,… building more programs and giving more meaningful gifts.


Above are all activities of future fund Hi88. Do you find this activity meaningful? Hopefully in the future the fund will receive more attention from the community and society.

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