Which are the Top International Schools in Agra?

It’s often challenging to find the top international schools in Agra for your child. Agra is no different from any other city in India because it has many schools to choose from. If you are also a parent and searching for top schools in Agra, this blog should definitely help you.

1. The International School

As the name suggests, it is also one of the top international schools in Agra. The school has a unique environment and space for young children to help them grow holistically. Every child feels fully secure, valued, and cared for in such an environment. The school offers an exceptional curriculum for providing quality education to each child. There is also an extraordinary hostel facility where students feel like a home away from home.

Important Features of The International School

Teachers maintain a very close relationship with students who understand everything about the students.

It has excellent infrastructure, including Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, and more.

An ideal environment promoting learning for children.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee for the school is Rs 16,000 per year while the admission fee is Rs 25,000, and other costs are approx Rs 20,000 per year.

2. Milton Public School

Milton Public School is one of the best CBSE schools in Agra. The school firmly believes in making every student a confident and morally sound individual. From the beginning, students are taught about team-building qualities and encouraged to engage in various sports and club activities. The focus is on providing students with an open and healthy learning environment.

Main Features of Milton Public School

The school boasts of bright and spacious classrooms.

It has well-equipped science and maths labs.

There are enough extracurricular activities for the all-round development of students.

School Fee Structure

The annual fee is approximately Rs 50,000, including tuition, admission, and other charges.

3. Sharda World School

The well-known Sharda group doesn’t need any introduction. The famous group runs many institutions, including engineering and medical colleges. Sharda World School is one of the top international schools in Agra. It’s known for providing exceptional educational experiences with modern classrooms and excellent boarding facilities for students.

The school has outstanding hostel facilities that further enhance the learning experience for students. Sharda World School is one of the best CBSE schools in Agra that provides a conducive atmosphere for Agra students. For most parents, it’s the number one choice as a boarding school.

Main features of Sharda World School

International class Hostel with top class facilities for the overall development of young students.

Facilities for self-study by designating a place where students can study together.

Top-class dining facilities are offering an Ayurvedic diet.

Fee Structure

The monthly tuition fee is Rs 10,500, and the admission fee is Rs 25,000. There is a transportation fee of Rs 56,000 and Rs 3,500 as meal charges. The school also charges Rs 15,000 as a refundable caution money fee.

4. Baluni School of Competition

Baluni School of Competition is one of the top international schools in Agra. The school offers an excellent academic environment and great hostel facilities for students. Students get a world-class learning experience and a home-like atmosphere with excellent food here.

Features of Baluni School of Competition

There is a fully functional gym with modern equipment.

Separate hostel arrangement for both girls and boys.

Round-the-clock medical clinic with first-aid facility.

Fee Structure 2024

The monthly tuition fee for Nursery to class 5 is Rs 3,400; from class 6 to 8, it’s Rs 3,650. The admission fee is Rs 35,000.

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