Unleash the Most Powerful Online Video and Photo Editor By CapCut

Unleash the Most Powerful Online Video and Photo Editor By CapCut

Are you looking for an incredible editor online that you can use to make powerful transformations to your videos and photos? Are you tired of editing your photos and videos with manual/installed editors by spending time, effort, and money while still not getting the desired results? Don’t worry because the CapCut online editor brings the most powerful tools to transform your content more easily, and effortlessly, without investing anything, and also with the perfect results. Along with offering you all the basic photo and video editing tools to edit your photos/videos, it also offers some extraordinary features. You must be curious to figure out what these features are. So, let’s unleash them below!

Transcribe Video To Text

Transcribing videos via the CapCut online video editor is the most easiest and convenient to use the tool. You can easily do it with video to text feature which is AI-based and generates quick and 100% precise results. It allows you to choose any language from the given ones to transcribe your video into it.

Stabilize Your Video

Besides this, you can also choose to stabilize your video to present its visuals and graphics as more powerful, interactive, and quality ones. Stabilizing videos also helps in removing the shakiness and blurs from the videos that may incur due to any reason i.e. due to poor focus while recording a video. This one-click Video stabilizer helps in quickly transcribing your videos and making them look more professional and more appealing.

Video Upscaling

Here, you can also upscale your video to make it look more detailed with utmost or in-depth attention to even its minor details. This video upscaler helps convert your poor-quality videos to higher-quality ones. In doing so, it pays utmost attention to even the intricate details and also increases the pixel count.

Photo Upscaler

Just like this online editor allows you to upscale your videos, it also allows you to upscale your photos. For this purpose, it offers the AI image upscaler which is more convenient, more powerful, and generates high-quality results. It allows you to use it for any type of photos for free and also downloads the final results for free as well.

Old Photo Restoration

Similarly, it also allows you to restore old photos for free and without even having any professional photo editing skills. If you have photos from your past that are becoming obsolete or out of order, you can fix them all here instantly with this incredibly amazing one-click AI photo restoration.

Other AI functions

Moreover, you can also enjoy using a great number of other tools and functions on this online editor by CapCut. For example, it brings a photo color corrector, color optimization for both photos and videos, background remover, transparent background maker background generator, AI style transfer, and much more for incredible editing.

How to Use Online Photo/Video Editor By CapCut?

Do you want to try using this incredible online editor right now to edit your photos or videos? Let’s look at the steps below to learn the process.

●     Step 1: Free Sign up

First of all, you will choose the free signup by visiting the CapCut online website (www.capcut.com). When you go to the website, the first thing that you will see on the first page that loads on your screen will be the signup button. Just click on this button and complete the signup process. Then, log in to your new CapCut account and navigate to the homepage magic tool.

●     Step 2: Upload A Photo/Video

In the magic tools section, you will find all the options to edit your photo or video online on the editor. If you want to try editing your video first, click on the online video editor. If you want to try editing your photo first, click on the online photo editor. Suppose that you click on the online photo editor, it will open on your screen where you will use the upload button to upload a photo to this editor for editing.

Unleash the Most Powerful Online Video and Photo Editor By CapCut

●     Step 3: Transform It

This step is all about using the different tools to transform the photo that you have uploaded to the editor. For example, you can change the background of the photo. You can also change the colors, theme, and other elements in your photo. There are several other options that you can try using such as filters, effects, shapes, frames, etc.

●     Step 4: Export It

After making all the edits, simply save your photo to your device by using the export button on the editor.


Without a doubt, the CapCut online photo editor comes with the most powerful and incredibly inspiring functions and tools to transform your videos and photos. Not only this, but it allows you to enjoy all of its perks for free of cost along with enjoying its free cloud storage space.

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