Top 5+ bookmakers with demo bonuses you shouldn’t miss in 2021

Bonuses are always something that attracts any player, so bookmakers with demo bonuses have aggressively spent extremely large amounts of money to attract players. However, among the countless bookmakers offering demo bonuses, you will certainly have difficulty making a choice. Don’t know which bookmaker to choose to receive the bonus, which bookmaker has simple conditions for receiving the bonus?…If you are having difficulty with this issue, let us know. Hi88 help you!

Is the house’s demo bonus real?

With the main purpose of attracting more players, many bookmakers with demo bonuses have been born, this is one of the forms of promotion that attracts a large number of players on online betting playgrounds.

However, the amount of money that bookmakers have to spend on trial bonuses is quite large, so not all bookmakers apply this promotion to their players. Most of the bookies that give demo bonuses to members are emerging bookmakers that don’t have many members yet.

When found reputable bookmaker Highly reputable trial bonus, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with attractive betting games, get bonuses or limit risks when you do not have much experience.

Trial bonus will usually be around 30 – 100k, besides there are some bookies that give bonuses to new players with amounts up to 200 – 300k, however it is not easy to withdraw this money, usually people Players need to meet the conditions prescribed by the house, then they can withdraw money.

The amount of money received from the bookmaker as a demo bonus is not too high, but this is still considered an attractive investment, because if you guess incorrectly, you will not suffer any loss, on the contrary, if you guess correctly, you will not lose money. have a chance to receive a much higher amount of money. Therefore, you should not ignore the reputable demo bonus bookmakers below.

Top bookmakers with demo bonuses that you should not miss

The bookmaker gives you a lucky test bonus of 68k – 789Bet

789bet is a demo bonus house from Costa Rica. Although not a strange name to players in Vietnam, 789Bet is still maintaining very attractive promotions, especially for newly registered members. Sign an account here.

This house is currently implementing a 100k giveaway program for 3 games:

  • Blackjack card game
  • Poker reward card game
  • Rewards card game Baccarat

Besides the 100k bonus program for new users, 789Bet also offers a 100% promotion for the first deposit, check in and get 68k immediately.

With the money donated by 789Bet, many players have created extremely impressive achievements. Up to now, this house is still very popular with players, with almost no complaints about the quality of service at this playground.

Among the bookmakers giving 100k to players, 789Bet is always a favorite name because the terms are very easy to implement. You only need to go through 1 round of betting, complete the step of confirming personal information to withdraw the bonus here.

The house gives a trial bonus of up to 88k – W88

W88 is a familiar name in the online betting game market with a series of attractive game titles. Although it has a large number of players, this house is still maintaining attractive bonus programs for new players.

Each member who successfully registers an account at the W88 test play bonus house will immediately have 88k bet added to their account. This is the money you can use to get acquainted with W88 betting games without worrying about spending money.

After getting familiar with the games as well as the odds here, you can be more bold in depositing money and officially joining this playing field.

Below are some conditions to receive rewards at bookmaker W88:

  • Bonus bets for members in Vietnam, using VND currency.
  • Update to main account with minimum amount of 2 million.
  • Players can withdraw money once they have successfully confirmed their personal information.
  • Must play at least 1 betting round that W88 offers to qualify for bonus withdrawal.

The bookmaker rewards money for testing Fun88

Fun88 is also one of the bookmakers that gives bonus bets to new players, however the amount given is only about 30k.

Conditions to receive rewards at this house include:

  • New member, never registered an account at this playground.
  • Players need to deposit at least 600k to receive a 30k bonus from the house.
  • If you want to withdraw money, players need to bet at least once according to the house’s regulations.
  • Bonus money can only be used within 30 days. If the player does not use it within this time, Fun88 will automatically cancel this reward.

Bookmaker FB88 – Trial bonus for new players

When mentioning reputable bookmakers with bonus bets, we cannot ignore bookmaker FB88, this is an online betting playground that attracts a large number of players in Asia. FB88’s free bet program is organized in the form of accumulating bonus points. You can receive 100k when you successfully register an account and participate in betting here for the prescribed number of rounds.

Conditions for receiving rewards at FB88 are quite simple, players only need to successfully register an account and verify personal information such as: Bank account, email, phone number.

Bookmaker with the highest bonus for demo play – 12Bet

With strong financial potential, 12Bet is also one of the quite reputable betting bonus bookmakers today. Bookmaker 12Bet is implementing a program to give away bets to new players with an amount of up to 200k.

Below are some conditions for receiving bonuses at this house, you should pay attention to these to avoid wasting time!

  • New member, successfully registered for a 12Bet account.
  • Successfully authenticated personal information such as: Bank account, phone number, email,…
  • In particular, 12Bet allows players to withdraw bonuses without requiring completion of rounds.

Bookmaker rewards bets – M88

M88 is an online bookmaker established by Mansion Company. This bookmaker officially operated in 2003, developing strongly in the Asian market.

M88 not only has professional and reputable operations but also focuses on promotional programs for players, one of which is the betting bonus program for new members.

When participating in bookmaker M88, players are immediately added $2 to their account, especially the promotion here does not require players to deposit money to receive rewards.

Conditions to receive rewards at this bookmaker include:

  • Register an account and successfully verify personal information.
  • Login to your account and receive your bonus.
  • Bonus is for Sports and Casino bets only.
  • M88 does not require players to deposit money or reach a certain number of betting rounds to receive a bonus.

Bookmaker V9Bet – Free bets for new players

V9Bet is one of the quite reputable names in the online betting game market with attractive card game genres. Besides, this house is also implementing a program to donate bets to players in the amount of 100k. However, the conditions for withdrawing bonuses here are also quite difficult. If you want to withdraw money from this house, players need to meet the following conditions:

  • As a new member registering an account for the first time, using currency is VND.
  • Complete updating personal information.
  • Players need to click on the “Get Bonus” button to receive a valid bonus.
  • To withdraw money, players need to participate in at least 5 betting rounds within 100 days of receiving the bonus.

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Find a bookmaker that offers demo bonuses – 3 things you must know

With attractive betting bonus programs from the house, many players have quickly registered an account, but the process of receiving money is not easy. Because bookmakers have calculated very carefully before providing bonus programs for players to balance profits. Therefore, when deciding to join bookmakers that reward players with bets, you need to keep the following 3 things in mind:

  1. Complete the dealer’s conditions

Normally, bookmakers will stipulate some conditions for receiving bonuses or withdrawing bonuses. You should pay attention to these conditions and see if additional information should be added or not.

If this information is not too important to you, you can add it to receive rewards, otherwise, take it slowly to limit the disclosure of personal information.

  1. Need to play at least one round

Most bookmakers stipulate that you must play at least 1 round before you can withdraw money, so you should know that, after receiving bets into your game account, you cannot withdraw immediately and need to deposit money to play. Complete the number of spins prescribed by the house.

This is regulated to ensure that the house is not sabotaged by virtual accounts, specifically created to win bonuses and then disappear. Besides, there are also some bookmakers that require a minimum withdrawal of 300k or 200k, which means players must deposit money to be able to withdraw the bonus money.

  1. Bonuses do not apply to all games

Bonuses for new players usually do not apply to all games available at the house, but instead only apply to one or a few certain game titles. Players need to pay attention to this issue to avoid suspecting the house of fraud!

Above are the top ones The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money for players with high reputation, has been rated well by many players. If you are looking for an online betting playground with attractive bonuses for new players, try referring to the names mentioned in the article.

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