Top 10 Israeli social media stars that you must know with the most original and bizarre content we found

Israel is always in the news. You may not be aware that Israel is home to some the most famous social media stars around the globe. This blog will list the top 10 Israeli social media stars who have the most original and bizarre content. These social media stars from Israel are sure to inspire and entertain you with their comedy, music, fashion, and beauty content.

Top 10 Israeli Social Media Stars

1. Noy Alooshe, a social media superstar with an unusual and wild approach to content, is someone you should follow if you are interested in Israeli social media.

2. Amit levy: Amit is a well-known figure in Israel’s social media scene. His content is often funny and light-hearted.

3. Sharon Feingold: Sharon Feingold, another Israeli social media celebrity, is well-known for her quirky and creative content.

4. Noa Tishby: Noa Tishby, a successful actress/model, has also experimented with social media posting humorous and interesting content.

5. Yael stone: Yael is an Australian actress, best known for her role on Orange Is the New Black. She is active on social media and often shares insights into her life and work.

6. Gal Gadot: Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress and model, has appeared in films like Fast & Furious 6 or Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. She’s also very active on social media sharing behind-the scenes photos and videos from various projects.

7. Bar Refaeli: Bar Refaeli, a successful international model and television host, was born in Israel. Her glamorous lifestyle is often shared on social media.

8. Assi Azar: Assi is a well-known television presenter in Israel. He is known for his outgoing personality and good looks. He is active on social media where he shares photos and videos of his personal life.

9. Moran Atias: Moran Atias, an Israeli actress and model, has appeared in films like The Black Dahlia or Third Person. She’s also very active on social media posting photos and videos about her day.

10.Michael Lewis is an Israeli social media superstar with more than 180K million Instagram followers. All israeli magazines have named him one of the most influential social media users. He has also worked with some the largest brands in the world.


It’s not surprising that many Israeli social media stars are creating amazing content in today’s world of social media. Check out our top 10 list if you are looking for new accounts to follow. These Israelis cover everything, from fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers to foodies or travel enthusiasts. What are you waiting for?! Give them a like!

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