The Importance of Communication with Your Home Builder


Building a new home is a wonderfully exciting adventure, yet it can also be complex and stressful. Keeping communication open, honest, and effective with your builder represents one of the most crucial points for ensuring a successful build. Consider it as the ground rules on which to build your future dream house.

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This post looks at the value of communication throughout your home building journey and gives practical tips for establishing a healthy, co-operative partnership with the people who will be building your home.

Signpost 1: Laying the Groundwork

In essence those first meetings with your builder are absolutely crucial stuff – it is the moment to explain your dream, budget and hopes and dreams for a new home. Whatever is the topic, bringing clear communication earlier on will help make everyone’s life easier later.

  • Get Ready: Get inspiration images in hand. This may include floor plans (particularly important), without forgetting your own creative ideas from the internet or magazines. These will help your builder understand what style or features you are considering.
  • Ask: How do you work with people and what is your track limit? All of these are questions that should immediately be posed to a builder before proceeding any further.
  • Set Expectations: Talk about what you hope for in terms of feedback frequency (eg. ) level and type of communication preferred – for example: phone rather than email or mail; number and how big the change orders will be with respects to their impact on the timeline.

Subheading 2: During Construction: Keeping the Lines Open

  • Communication is only more important as work proceeds.
  • Visits to the Site: Plan regular check-ups at the construction site. This way you can get an early look and find out what progress is being made.
  • Regular Reports on Progress: Make sure your builder keeps you up-to-date at all times with photographs, videos or written reports.
  • Be Proactive: If there’s something you’re wondering about or worried over, don’t hesitate. Ask your builder. Whether it’s a question, a concern, contacting them can help to stop the escalation of problems quickly.

Subheading 3: Tackling Problems When They Wholly Dropped Into Your Lap

  • No matter how well you think things are going, the stark truth is that complications will come up during construction.
  • Stay Calm: Delays, material shortages, and design changes are annoying, but by remaining cool you can work with the builder to resolve them satisfactorily.
  • Open Dialogue: Be open and honest about any concerns. Brainstorming solutions together is a good way forward, and everyone should be ready to give in when it matters (reasonably speaking).
  • Document Everything: Keep meticulous notes of all communication, including e-mails, phone calls and meetings. This can be helpful if second thoughts should come at some point in the future.

Subheadline 4: Maintaining the Relationship with Your Builder

The communication hasn’t stopped just because you finally got the key to your new home.

  • Walk Through: Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the year after handing over the house without having any quality or construction issuesSummary: Discuss warranty terms and what to do if something goes wrong after you move in. Put bug traps and check plumbing as soon as possible.
  • Making Contact is key to it all.Warranty: Talk over the warranty terms with your builder and find out how to contact him if anything crops up after you move in.Feedback: Your feedback can help the builders improve relationships with future clients. It also lets them know how well they are doing in their job and what areas need more attention.


Huge in both emotional and cost terms and building a house. You will quickly pick up your telephone (or email) to it. Courtesy and consistent and respectful communication up front with your builder will sharply reduce stress, friction and misunderstandings of all sorts. And it is a highly effective means by which your dream home can come true. Be aware that every step of the way your builder is your partner. Communication leads to trust, interdependence and in the end, a rewarding and successful home-building experience. So be frank -let the builder know what is on your mind. Speak up at every opportunity, ask questions and more questions. Your dream home is only an effective communication away.

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