Success Story: How Acme Manufacturing Slashed Its Carbon Footprint and Boosted Profits with Eco-Friendly Electric Generators


The modern, environmentally aware world is exerting growing pressure on businesses to decrease their carbon emissions and adopt sustainable practices. Acme Manufacturing, a pathbreaker in the industrial sector, confronted this problem directly and came out on top. It is an electric act—and in many ways, it also promises to be an electrical revolution. Being even through with you and your project, with you also serving as EIC, can only promise to provide a less-biased story… So here it is. This article incorporates the truth and the half-truth that being-absolutely-with-you promises. Trust me to serve you this story with nothing up my sleeve.

Acme Manufacturing: A Commitment to Sustainability

Renowned for their dedication to both innovation and quality, Acme Manufacturing realized they had to do something about their environmental impact. The enormous authority their company wields was tipping the scales way too much toward the “release” part of the “capture and release” system. And it wasn’t just that their operations relied too much on fossil-fuel-powered diesel generators: if captured carbon dioxide was going to do its worst, Acme Manufacturing would have been a very likely place to find it.

The Solution: Eco-Friendly Electric Generators

After evaluating its options, Acme Manufacturing has opted to go green. Instead of relying mostly on a power plant, they have invested in a grid of sustainable, eco-friendly electric generators. The virtue of this grid is that it’s powered by a combination of renewable energy and advanced battery technology, which, altogether, is more ideal for a pocketbook than the fleet of old diesel units that was used. This move involved a variety of steps. Step One was an audit, by Acme, of its power consumption because that would directly impact a slew of HSE metrics. Step Two was the selection of the not just one unit, but many units. Step Three was installing the solar panels on as many of the local rooftops as possible to power those units in an eco-friendly way and to also power the non-plant aspects of many local Acme Manufacturing sites. This is the secret plant/grubby-kid headquarters of many teenage renditions of the Solar Power Story. And now back to that story: The final step was the education of the company workforce.

The Results: A Win-Win for the Environment and the Bottom Line

  • Acme’s shift to using environmentally friendly electric generators has produced some amazing results. For one thing, the switch has allowed the company to cut way back on the amount of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants it sends into the atmosphere. For another, the new generators have turned out to be real penny pinchers—since they came online, Acme has saved a significant amount of money on fuel and maintenance costs. And though the company’s commitment to “going green” may have seemed like a risk a few years ago in terms of how customers and investors might view the company, the environmentally conscious decision has only created a bunch of good buzz. “

Key Takeaways for Businesses

  • The triumph that Acme Manufacturing has become holds several vital insights for businesses needing to cut down on their carbon emissions:
  • Start With an Energy Audit: Determine where in your business you could be using energy more efficiently. “Insulation is always a big payback, for instance, as is more efficient lighting.”
  • Next, Try to Generate Your Own Electricity: For some power needs, you can’t beat churning out the watts yourself if you want a real cut in carbon emissions. Use an Electric Lawn Mower: Acme by itself had 500 electric lawnmowers mowing over 1,000 acres of grass every day until the middle of July, and even that had only half the per-mow carbon emissions of a gas lawnmower doing the same job. Because mowing has to stop when work starts, the lawnmowers aren’t using electricity that could interfere with the plant’s 8-to-5 power needs.


Electric generators have transformed. Their purpose is not only to supply backup power but to fuel a sustainable future as well. The journey of Acme Manufacturing has shown that by using more environmentally friendly generators, a company can help both the Earth and its bottom line. While Acme’s old “diesel clunker” puts out 2,200 pounds of carbon dioxide over 100 hours of operation, its new generator (the one it calls “Eco-Gen”) puts out half that amount. And businesses can do that while seeing what Acme’s marketing team figured out: that having an Earth-friendly product is one of Acme’s selling points.

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