Student Moving Tips and Packing Ideas at a Low Price

As it’s a new start, students are usually excited about their college move. There is also a lot to be excited about, as students have to pack everything and move it to smaller dorm rooms. It can be stressful and costly for students to move. Moving to college is expensive enough. These top national moving companies recommend that students follow these low-budget packing tips to save money on their move.

Do Not Buy Packing Materials:

Movers boxes are the most expensive type of packing material. You can arrange your boxes at home, grocery and liquor stores instead of purchasing new packing boxes. Because liquor boxes are made from upwood and come with handles, you can pack heavy items in them. These boxes can be purchased at extremely low prices from these stores, even if they are not free. If you are unable to find handles for the boxes, you can make your own handles by using a box cutter.

You can also use woollen clothing, socks and sweaters as padding to protect delicate items. You can also use party balloons to fill in empty spaces. You can use egg cartons to package delicate jewellery and smaller items such as USB cables.

Earn before you spend:

Earning is a good idea in every situation, and it is especially true for moving. This is a key point to remember when you are planning your move. All your junk is worthless. You will make money, but also get rid all your unwanted stuff. This will free up space for positive energy and new items.

Don’t Buy New Stuff.

Too many college students purchase unnecessary items like clothing, decorations, or appliances. It is best to avoid spending money on unnecessary items during a move. You should also not assume your needs. You can take along your existing items and purchase new items when you actually need them. This will help you save money, as you might not need to buy all the items you had in mind. Also, you won’t be spending too much.

Get Help from Family and Friends:

Instead of hiring moving labor, get help from your friends and family. This type of help makes friends and family feel better. They feel connected and show concern. Working with a group of cousins is not only fun, but also an adventure. You can all have a pizza party at the end of the move.

Talk to Your Roommate about Stuff:

Students often share dorm rooms so it’s a good idea for you to get to know your roommates to avoid duplicate items. Some things, such as clothing irons, hair straighteners, entertainment items, or other appliances, can be shared. This will help you save money and energy.

As a student, your finances are very important to you. To ensure that your entire year is not affected by the move, be careful about how much you spend money. You can make a smart and affordable move by using the tips and tricks above.

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