Shoot fish for money :Instructions for participating at New88 bookmaker

New88 is one of the bookmakers providing the most prestigious fish shooting genre on the market today. Hence the game Shoot fish for money This place has also become a regular destination for people after tiring working hours. So how to participate? Immediately refer to the instructions on how to play through the content shared in the article.

Instructions for participating in Fish Shooting for Money at New88

At bookmaker New88, game title Shoot fish for money  Includes 2 main genres chosen by most players. These are Fishermen Gold and Fishing King. To experience, you must register an account and become a member. After successfully creating an account, below are detailed instructions on the steps to participate:.

Step 1: Visit the homepage and log in to New88’s system

The first thing players need to do is log in to their account at bookmaker New88. After the interface appears, continue to select the “Game” section on the menu. Then choose one of the 2 types of fish shooting you want to experience.

Step 2: Join the game

After entering the game, click “Play now”. At this point, the system will transfer you to the game lobby Shoot fish for money . Finally, members choose the betting hall that suits them to participate in fish hunting in the endless ocean.

Instructions on how to play Fish Shooting for money at New88

How to play Shoot fish for money  Very simple, even a rookie can create it. However, in order not to waste time learning and getting acquainted, please follow the instructions below.

If you play the game on the computer, use the mouse, spacebar, Shift, Ctrl and left – right arrow keys to control the gun barrel. In case the player uses it on the phone, it will be easier. Now you just need to touch the target and the gun barrel will automatically change direction and aim quickly.

Additionally, if you want to participate but don’t have time, choose the automatic function. Hands-free mode can help you still hunt fish without any operations.

Game rules when participating in New88 Fish Shooting for Money

To participate Shoot fish for money More convenient at New88, you need to grasp the necessary regulations. Below is a detailed guide to the game rules for new players.

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Regulations on the use of guns and bullets to hunt fish

The prize-winning fish shooting game at New88 allows players to use any type of gun or bullet as long as you feel it is appropriate. However, you need to use it appropriately to limit wasting ammo. At the same time, this will also help the fish hunting process go faster.

For new players, system Shoot fish for money will give you a number of bullets with the lowest index for free. When first starting out, you should only hunt small schools of fish. From there, accumulate a lot of capital to equip yourself with many types of guns and bullets to shoot larger creatures.

During the process of hunting fish, you must accumulate and increase the power level of your gun and unlock more ammunition storage cells. When you start playing, you just need to lock on and use magic bullets to target sea creatures. To lock and shoot targets faster, players should use keyboard shortcuts for easy operation. All bullets fired will be displayed in the game screen until the target is reached.

Regulations on prize exchange

For players who regularly participate, the house will give away a number of free bullets. It will be used up before the player switches to regular ammo. When participating, there will be a maximum of 4 players fighting together. At the same time, the number of bullets will be limited to 20 for all fishermen.

The remaining game money will be refunded to the gamer’s account after logging out. Error cases hardly occur and any game in progress is ended quickly. If you win, the reward is immediately credited to your game account. From there you can withdraw any time you want.

At the same time, members can track game history to review necessary information when winning bets. Any error problem that appears, you can contact the support department to handle it.


Thus, the above article has provided readers with complete information about the game Shoot fish for money  at New88 bookmaker. Hopefully everyone can better understand the playground and gain experience for themselves. Don’t hesitate any longer, try experiencing it today to immerse yourself in the vast ocean world with many gifts waiting for you.

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