My top tips for a healthy and genuinely “fitness” lifestyle

I have been immersed in the fitness world for years, from learning from the best athletes and trainers in the world and applying their techniques in the gym to reading hundreds of health and nutrition publications to listening to hundreds and hundreds of hours of lectures and interviews on these subjects.

After over half a decade of learning, these are my top simple tips for a life of natural fitness. I don’t have a favorite tip because they’re all essential, so you can use the ones that fit you the best.

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Get enough rest

You need good recovery time from one workout to the next and at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Naps are best if you don’t get enough sleep and have the opportunity. Also, recovery should include time between routines and actively using tools such as massage and relaxation so that your body and nervous system are always ready.

Eat healthy and eat enough

This means eating good protein sources, unprocessed carbohydrates, and fats (avocado, olive oil, etc.). People must distinguish fitness living from eating healthy from eating too little; this is a mistake. Eat to your heart’s content without overdoing it.

Train with weights or resistance training.

On the cardio front, just being active and walking regularly is enough. You don’t need to spend hours and hours jogging. The health cost-benefit of doing that could be better. Doing strength training in the gym and leaving cardio for fun activities outside the gym.

Drink plenty of water.

Very often small health problems, such as headaches, can be solved by staying hydrated.

Everyone is different, so it is difficult to recommend a daily intake amount, so drink water when you are thirsty. Also, drinking water regularly keeps you from overeating.

Don’t eat processed sugar

This is very important. Stop sweetening drinks, coffee, or tea with sugar. Use a natural sweetener such as stevia. On the other hand, for those of us who have a sweet tooth and love desserts, at least don’t eat them on our own but with a full stomach of healthy food. This prevents them from becoming extreme sugar (glucose) bombs for the body.

Processed sugar is one of the most significant poisons regularly ingested.

Living a mind-healthy lifestyle

People sometimes forget this because they separate the intellectual side from the physical. This is a mistake. Reading good books, watching quality movies, having healthy habits, consuming good images, having good conversations, and generally leading an intellectual life have incredibly positive implications for the health of the body.

We usually perceive body and mind as two separate things. It is like feeling that our body is a vehicle and we live inside.

A genuinely healthy fitness lifestyle should include mechanisms for mental health, not just focus on nutrition and training.

Become aware and decide to make your health a priority

The good thing about being conscious of this is that you tend to make fewer mistakes by having a clear and explicit goal to be healthy.

If being healthy is always a priority, in general, you will eat better, rest more, consume quality content on the Internet, surround yourself with people who have good habits, and improve your quality of life in many aspects.


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Additional tip: the 80 – 20 ratio

Generally, the 80 – 20 ratio of quality content and pure entertainment is a good guide for most people.

In short, you can have a healthy, fit life without having a rigorous plan.

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