Meaningful Ways To Keep Your Pet Memories Alive

Meaningful Ways To Keep Your Pet Memories Alive

Many pet parents find comfort in holding onto tangible memories of their pets. This could mean keeping their fur in a blanket or pillow, saving a lock of their hair, or placing a bit of their paw print inside a new stuffed animal. Some people also find it healing to write in a journal about their pet. This can be an open-ended process or one that can be compiled into a book.

Memorize Your Lost Pet

In addition to collecting and preserving photos and mementos, many pet parents find that writing about their memorize lost pet helps them process the loss. Whether you journal in a book or online, your words can become a healing memorial that will help you remember all the great things about your furry friend. Other options include making a memory quilt that uses your favorite images, or a reliquary that holds a paw print, nose print, or lock of hair. You can also make a personalized ornament, or even have your pet’s picture engraved on a plaque.

If your pet is cremated, you can display their urn with other memorials like their tags, collars, and a leash or dish. You can even create a garden or a flower bed that honors your pet, as plants are a symbol of life and renewal.

Create A Photo Album

When your pet dies, it can feel like losing a piece of your heart. But gone doesn’t mean forgotten, and there are plenty of ways to memorialize them and keep their memory alive. A photo album is a great way to remember your pet and chronicle the many good times you shared together. You can also add mementos, such as your pet’s training graduation certificate or drawings they made of you.

You can also get an image of your pet engraved on a stone to keep them with you. Or, you can buy a wind bell that will remind you of them every time the breeze blows. These unique and meaningful ideas can help you heal after your furry friend passes away. Remembering them will help you move forward with your life and accelerate the healing process.

Stamp Their Pictures On Jewelry

Whether your pet is already gone or you’re planning ahead for their passing, there are many unique ways to honor them. From preserving keepsakes to visiting their little graves, these ideas can be a great way to ease your grief and speed up the healing process. Creating a photo book or album can be an effective way to remember your furry friend. Creating a memory box or shadow box can also be a beautiful way to keep your pet’s memories close to you.

You can also have a mold made of their paw or nose to preserve their prints and keep them with you forever. Adding their picture to a mug can be one of the first things you see every morning and can help connect you to them even after they are gone.

Create A Memory Box Or Shadow Box

If you have treasured trinkets like your pet’s paw print, first blue ribbon, or a vintage college tee that sit in a drawer or tucked away somewhere, displaying them can be cathartic. This DIY project is easy to do and will help you reclaim these special mementos. You can create a memory box with anything you wish to keep from your furry friend, including leashes, dishes, pictures, and their favorite toys. You can also purchase a shadow box at a craft or discount store that can be hanged on the wall for a more permanent display. Many vets and crematoriums offer molds of your pet’s paw or nose that you can turn into a necklace or ornament. Or, you can buy a kit online to do this at home.

Plant A Tree Or Bush In Their Memory

A final, meaningful way to keep your pet cremation memory alive is by planting a tree or bush in their honor. As the plant grows, you can remember your pet by visiting it, and the remembrance will be a constant reminder of the beautiful bond you shared with each other. You can also have a paw print made, either in ink or with an easy kit that some vet’s offices offer for free at the end-of-life services. A paw print can be used for custom artwork, a tattoo or even turned into an ornament.

You may also want to consider creating a memorial outside your home or at their resting place. Garden stones that feature your pet’s name or an engraved image of them are a lovely choice, as is a personalized wind bell that will remind you of your friend every time it blows.


Losing a beloved pet can be one of the most difficult parts of life. Grieving is normal, but finding ways to honor your pet can help you find closure and healing. You can make a collage of pictures, save your pet’s fur, or get a personalized drawing or painting to remember them.

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