Maximizing Energy Efficiency with the SG2.0RS-S PV System from Sungrow

Sungrow, a leading global supplier of photovoltaic (PV) inverters, has been at the forefront of developing innovative and reliable renewable energy solutions since its inception. With a strong focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Sungrow strives to empower individuals and businesses to harness the power of solar energy. As part of their comprehensive product portfolio, Sungrow offers the SG2.0RS-S PV System, designed to maximize energy efficiency for homeowners.

The Sungrow SG2.0RS-S PV System – Key Features and Benefits

The Sungrow SG2.0RS-S PV System is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for residential use. This advanced string inverter is engineered to deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and safety, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to harness the power of solar energy.

Key features of the SG2.0RS-S include

High Yield: The SG2.0RS-S is compatible with high-power PV modules and bifacial modules, ensuring maximum energy yield for residential installations. Its double-MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology allows for a wider MPPT voltage range, enabling the system to adapt to various weather conditions and shading.

Safe and Reliable: With integrated arc fault circuit interrupter and built-in Type II DC&AC SPD (Surge Protective Devices), the SG2.0RS-S offers enhanced safety measures. Additionally, its corrosion protection rating at C5 ensures durability and longevity, even in harsh environmental conditions.

User-Friendly Setup: The SG2.0RS-S features a plug-and-play installation process, making it easy for homeowners to set up their PV system quickly. The one-click access to the iSolarCloud monitoring platform allows users to monitor their system’s performance in real-time, ensuring optimal energy production.

Smart Management and Unparalleled Support

The SG2.0RS-S PV System offers smart management features that empower homeowners to monitor and optimize their solar energy production. Real-time data with a 10-second refresh sample allows for accurate monitoring of energy generation and consumption patterns. The system also enables 24/7 live monitoring, both online and through the integrated display, providing homeowners with comprehensive insights into their solar energy system’s performance.


Some PV System Cases

One of the residential PV system cases is a 6.6kW project located in Goonellabah, NSW, Australia. This project showcases Sungrow’s expertise in providing solar power solutions for residential properties. Another residential PV project has been successfully completed in Australia, further highlighting Sungrow’s commitment to bringing solar energy to homes across the country. Additionally, Sungrow has also ventured into international markets, with a residential PV project in Germany. This demonstrates Sungrow’s global reach and ability to adapt to different market conditions. Furthermore, Sungrow has implemented a 4 kW residential PV plant in Hefei, China.


Sungrow’s SG2.0RS-S PV System combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional reliability, and user-friendly features to offer homeowners a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. With its high yield, safety measures, and smart management capabilities, the SG2.0RS-S empowers homeowners to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Sungrow’s commitment to sustainability and customer support further solidifies their position as a trusted brand in the renewable energy industry. Choose Sungrow and embrace the power of solar energy for your PV system.

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