Level Up Your Online Gaming Experience: 7 Tips to Overcome Cyberbullying in Gaming

If you love video games, there’s no way you haven’t encountered cyberbullying. Unfortunately, bullying can be encountered anywhere. Is playing online games negatively affected by it? Many people experience cyberbullying.  Online bullying can easily be stopped. Gaming environments don’t just offer online bullying. You may also meet a true friend in them. Bullying should not stop you from playing your favorite games. That’s why we’ve prepared this ranking with some tips for dealing with cyberbullying.

#Number 7

Education and advocacy are an important part of preventing cyberbullying. Stay informed and share this information more often with the gaming community. Research the topic and educate others. Organize chats to spread the word about cyberbullying. This way, this important information will reach more people. Be respectful. Encourage people to be kind to each other. There are many campaigns about bullying. By joining, you will show empathy for people who have suffered from cyberbullying. Be an advocate without being a bully. Choose your words well and stand up for yourself or someone else in a calm way.

#Number 6

Limiting your screen time can help you with dealing with cyberbullying. Set some specific time limits for your gaming sessions. This creates balance in your life. Set a time for other hobbies like walking, painting, or reading books. This will help your creative mind to develop, and you will be resting from gaming. If you can’t set boundaries yourself, many apps can help you with time management. Some games have this function of screen time limit, so it will be easier for you if you use them.  Separate your gaming area from your daily activities, this can help with your limits. Using the 20 rule can be impactful for your focus. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 centimeters away for 20 seconds.

#Number 5

Keep calm. Your emotions can be easier to manage that way.  This may be a difficult task, but it’s the best first move. Avoid reacting to this kind of harassment. Don’t take online gaming attacks personally. If they upset you, step away from the computer and give yourself a break. Make sure you think positively and don’t let bullying ruin your gaming. Doing so will improve the quality of your gaming experience.

#Number 4

Take action to remove the person from your chat room. Unhesitatingly block individuals who create situations disturbing the peace of the chat room. Look at the tools of the game you are playing. There, you may find tools to help remove users who create cyber harassment. Report the harassment to the platform you are using. This way, the platform will take action directly towards the abuser. Save any messages, comments, or posts containing abusive language and harassment. If the situation worsens, you will have proof. Restrict the harassing person’s access to your content.

#Number 3

However, if the previous tips were not helpful, then talking to some would be. Sharing the experience of cyberbullying can help with your emotions. Seek advice from someone you trust, this will give you guidance on how to deal with the problem. Games often become a field for cyberbullying. Whether casual or gambling, you may become a victim of bullying. For example, even the arb-friendly bookies can fall victim to cyberbullying. Talking online with a support community can prove extremely helpful. Be open when seeking support. Doing so gives you the best advice for dealing with situations.

#Number 2

Good familiarity with the game settings and platforms you use to communicate. Each game has its privacy settings. When you restrict who plays with you, you ensure that only trusted people play on your server. Only play with people you know if you’re worried about cyberbullying. Control the people who become your friends in games. Limit people who bother you in any way. Update your settings as often as possible. Inform yourself about new updates in privacy measures. Avoid sharing personal information about yourself while gaming online, too.

#Number 1

Practicing self-care is an essential step in accepting cyberbullying. Give yourself breaks between games or take a break from socializing with other gamers. Engage in hobbies that make you happy. This will help with stress. Take a walk or ride a bike. Physical activity is good for reducing stress. Practice positive affirmations; they are the perfect opponent to cyberbullying. The more often you remind yourself of positive thoughts, the easier it will be to eliminate cyberbullying.

Dealing with cyberbullying is no easy. It is good to encourage a safe environment to deal with it more efficiently. Don’t be an internet bully. It’s not cool. Prioritize taking care of yourself and talk about the problem. The more informed you are, the better. Reasonably advocate for yourself and others, and don’t be rude. By implementing these few simple tips, you give yourself peace of mind.

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