Learn about bookmakers 789BET The oldest and most reputable bookmaker in Asia

Currently, online entertainment games are attracting a large number of young people to participate. Along with that is the appearance of many bookmakers, but which addresses are safe, making players feel secure is not easy. You are wondering when to find a bookmaker to bet on entertaining games of chance. Let’s 789BET learn about dealer 789BET Please!

A few words about the house 789BET Asia

789BET is one of the 10 largest bookmakers currently in the Asian and European markets with a long history of operation and great reputation. In addition,  789BET It is also an ideal destination for online players.

789BET appeared in the Vietnamese market in August 2017, formerly a leading reputable betting company in Europe in 2004. Joined Wilshire Worldwide group in 2008.

In the Asian market 789BET licensed by Philippines Mayfair International Technologies INC.  789BET has reached out to many Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

This is a very influential brand as the official sponsor of the famous football club Inter Milan, or the official partner of the famous e-sports club Fnatic around the world.

789BET is a bookmaker specializing in business activities and providing players with many services such as football betting, sports, online casino, lottery…

Until the present time 789BET always affirms its brand and position in the worldwide betting market thanks to products and services that are the top priority for the online community.

House advantages 789BET provided to players

When joining the house 789BET then players will experience the best of a top bookmaker.

One of the advantages that makes online players choose 789BET This is an extremely fast and convenient method of withdrawing and depositing money. In just 3-5 minutes, the money will be in your account so players can participate online immediately.

Software 789BET Providing players with an eye-catching, easy-to-see and easy-to-use interface. At the same time, using the main colors of blue and white is very harmonious, giving players the most comfortable feeling when experiencing.

Not only can you play on your computer, phone or Ipad with high processing speed, but you also get comprehensive support on smart devices in the easiest way.

Games, betting odds Very diverse and rich, slot games, online casino, European and Asian football betting…

Come to the bookmaker 789BET There are many extremely attractive promotions

When registering to participate 789BET You will enjoy all attractive promotional packages when receiving up to 120% of the value for your first deposit up to 6,888,000 VND. To enjoy this promotional service package, members will register through the link on the Website 789BET86.com please!

Not only that, players can also continuously apply attractive promotions suitable to different needs and levels when participating in any game at 789BET like:

  • With sports games, players will receive a 25% discount for the first deposit up to an amount of 10,000,000 VND
  • 200% promotion for first deposit at slot games
  • Or up to 200% promotion for mobile scratch cards and FGo game cards for the first time.
  • Players can easily accumulate reward points to exchange for many attractive gifts at 789BET like Iphone, laptop…
  • When becoming a Vip member at 789BET There will be a very high refund when enjoying the extremely attractive Vip membership bonus package.

You will be very satisfied with the promotions at the house 789BET with the largest online betting level in the Vietnamese market. Super attractive promotional packages will bring you a wonderful experience when traveling with us 789BET.

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Dealer 789BET Providing a variety of game products that impress players

789BET will bring online players many products card game with rewards The most modern, attracting a huge number of players.

Online soccer betting

789BET Providing players with hundreds of football matches taking place continuously odds Asian handicaps, European handicaps, Macau handicaps, Hong Kong handicaps… are very rich with extremely high odds

There are also services Sports betting that’s different 789BET offers such as basketball, horse racing, golf, tennis, American football, table tennis, boxing… in which the betting table will have many innovations with a friendly interface, very easy to use to help players grasp it easily. than when experiencing.

Online casino at bookmaker 789BET

This can be considered a game segment that attracts a large number of players to participate because of its irresistible appeal. Casino with real dealers uses advanced technology and the latest casino floors, making players excited.

More specifically, players can experience a 3D online casino for the first time at the betting house 789BET.

Electronic sports betting games, slot games, slot games or traditional games

Esport Betting game products with Dota 2 and League of Legends for game fanatics with extremely attractive odds and betting strategies and surprising appeal.

Every game at 789BET improved, along with the latest sound and image quality, easy to play, easy to win.

Payment method at the house 789BET Fast, secure

  789BET So the payment method is also fast and all player information is very secure. In the Vietnamese market, there are many main payment methods below for players to easily refer to and participate!

For those who are just registering for the first time 789BET It will take a little longer because you need to verify your account again. For old players, the payment time for each deposit or withdrawal only takes about 3-5 minutes.

Easy bank transfer, payment via internet banking, available at most modern banks such as VCB, ACB, Techcombank, Agribank, Sacombank…

Customers can use phone scratch cards and Fgo game cards in a convenient, fast way and with attractive discounts. Players can also pay using e-wallets and other convenient international payment methods globally.

The amount for each transaction also varies widely from 100,000-500,000,000 VND. If there are any difficulties, staff will advise you 789BET Support to resolve as quickly as possible.

The staff at the bookmaker 789BET professional

As a reputable bookmaker in the betting market, 789BET Always proud to be a professional and very methodical dealer.

The staff works continuously, attentively and diligently, 24/7 to ensure they are available at all times when players need support.

Players will receive online support via Email: vn.support@dealer 789BET.com or call hotline: 00842444582028.

You can rest assured with the customer care team at 789BET When you can communicate in many languages ​​​​in the world in the most proficient way, players will certainly not encounter any difficulties.

789BET Ready to help players anytime, anywhere when you need online support and enthusiastically answer all questions and instructions. Always create absolute sympathy with customers.

Dealer 789BET- Asia’s leading reputable bookmaker

We can confirm 789BET is the most prestigious bookmaker in the online betting market in Asia. Because, what 789BET has been shown for many years since its operation until now is beyond dispute. Quality and reputation are always at the top of the bookies that players place absolute trust in.

789BET is the sponsor of many famous football clubs throughout Europe such as Aston Villa, formerly known as Inter Milan or Swansea City.

All activities of 789BET All have clear operating licenses, which is enough proof of transparency as well as great reputation in the market of large bookmakers. License to operate CURACAO issued by the Philippine government on April 24, 2017 regarding the business of online betting games.

Although on the Vietnamese market 789BET Still quite new, but the status is there 789BET created is no small thing. Bettors in Vietnam evaluate 789BET far superior to other bookmakers in terms of product quality as well as all operating methods.

Instructions on how to register to play games at the house 789BET

For easy participation 789BET The first thing you need to do is create an account for yourself. You must use your real name and phone number to register for an account at 789BET 8866 so the system can easily verify deposits and withdrawals. All operations only take a maximum of 5 minutes and all of your personal information will be kept 789BET Absolute security.

You will choose through the links of 789BET, after registering, log in 789BET to fill in all information and verify your account. After verification, you can refer to withdrawal and deposit methods or contact the staff for online support.

To easily access the latest link to the house, visit the websiteTo avoid being blocked and avoid trouble, players can also download the betting house application 789BET mobile once you have successfully registered for a member account!

So, 789BET This will be the place where you who love adventure games and betting should choose to feel most secure when playing. Every experience 789BET brought to players will be extremely attractive and unique. Not only that, you also have the ability to win with odds many times higher than other bookmakers!

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