How to Style a Skull Bracelet Perfectly

Skull bracelets have been a popular fashion trend for decades. You can wear it at festivals and concerts as well as to make a statement.

1. Get bold look

Skull bracelets are elegant and can be worn with black leather jackets or military jackets. To achieve a boho-chic style, a skull bracelet could be paired for work with a maxi dress or pencil skirt.

2. Mix and match with other accessories

Layering can be achieved by using matching accessories. To complement your bracelet, a long necklace can also be worn.

3. Colors

Mix and match colors with a skull bracelet. These bracelets add an extra dimension to any outfit. Dragonskulljewelry has a variety of colors. You can match the colors with your outfit or other accessories.

4. Keep it Simple

Keep your accessories and outfits simple when wearing a skull bracelet. You can style a skull bracelet in a simple but elegant way.

These can be worn every day

Pay attention to the fit of your bracelet.

The skull bracelet is wider and heavier than other bracelets so it should be looser. It could slide off easily if too loose.


Skull bracelets will never go out of fashion.

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