GA Air Conditioning Repair Experts - AC Maintenance Tips

GA Air Conditioning Repair Experts – AC Maintenance Tips

No matter how large or small your AC is, it is important not to overload it. If you want your AC to last its useful life expectancy, it must be cleaned regularly. If you neglect to maintain your AC, it will lose its efficiency over time. This can lead to increased energy consumption. You can do basic maintenance yourself as a homeowner. We have compiled a list from GA Air Conditioning Repair experts of the most important tips that anyone can do.

If you find any of these tasks to be difficult or dangerous, it is best to call a professional. You should not attempt to fix the air conditioner by yourself. You must follow safety precautions if you are responsible for any maintenance. Turn off the electrical box before you do any maintenance on an outside unit.

Tips for Maintenance By GA Air Conditioner Repair Experts

Check the thermostat carefully.

This is the most important part of air conditioner maintenance. Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly.

Experts recommend replacing an outdated thermostat with a more modern one.

Smart thermostats can be used to control the temperature of the house when no one is there. It can cool the house up to 30 minutes before anyone arrives home at night.

This will ensure that your home is always a place you can relax in. It will also help you save money on your energy bills by not using the air conditioner when nobody is there.

To keep track of your energy usage, you might consider installing an energy-tracking thermostat. You can set cooling goals for each day, monitor the results and save the money you have saved for emergencies.

Clean the Filter.

To ensure your AC is performing at its best, you should replace or clean the filters after you have had an AC installation service. Filters that are clogged or dirty can reduce airflow and decrease efficiency. Unhygienic air can bypass the filter and deposit directly onto the coil’s heat-absorbing ability. Your air conditioner’s energy consumption can be reduced by changing a clogged filter.

You will typically find filters for central air conditioners along the length of your return duct.

Keep the outside unit clean.

An air conditioner’s airflow and capacity can be reduced by accumulation of dirt, leaves, and grass clippings over time. This makes it less efficient and more difficult to use. Regular maintenance is required for the outer unit.

Turn off the power source to your device. This can be done on the outside unit or at your main breaker panel in your home.

The garden hose can be used to remove the debris. Start at the top and work your way down, keeping the hose at 45 degrees.

Experts in air conditioner repair, Blairsville, GA, advise that you do not use a power washing machine as you could damage the machine. You should not bend or damage the delicate fins of your coil.

If you trim the shrubs or other vegetation surrounding your air conditioner unit, it will not block the airflow.


According to GA Air Conditioning RepairExperts, an air conditioner that is well maintained can keep you cool even during the hottest days. You can also save money and time.

It is important to have your air conditioner serviced twice a year by a professional. Your furnace and air conditioner should be serviced before it gets cold.

It is important to maintain your air conditioner at its peak performance.

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