Exploring the Culinary Experience of Fish Before Doing Online Fish Shopping

Exploring the Culinary Experience of Fish Before Doing Online Fish Shopping

Would you like to eat stale fish? A big no! The freshness of fish offers delicious flavor and joy to the table. However, buying fresh fish takes time. Go to the market and choose the best. Not anymore! Start online fish shopping with a reliable fish delivery provider.

When opting for online fish delivery in Bangalore, one can choose from a wide range of options based on their taste. This allows us to experiment with the fish recipe with various species.

In this blog, we will explore fish types, recipes, and benefits of buying fish online.

Exploring the Types of Fishes

Mackerel / Ayala / Bangda / Aylai

This is a popular fish and is known for its oily texture. It is commonly used in various cuisines and in tropical and temperate seas. The name of this fish varies according to location. In addition, curry and pan-frying are preferred choices for this. Since these fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids, they are a healthy addition to your diet. Opt for online fish shopping to get fresh and high-quality fish.

Marine Sole Fish / Manthal / Repti

Sole fish is a flatfish with a delicate taste. Multiple names know this, and Manthal or Repti are its local names. Sole fish is known for its delicate taste and tender texture. Usually, this fish is found in sandy or muddy bottoms of coastal areas and offers a mild and sweet flavor. Sole fish can be used for a wide range of recipes. One can easily get this fish with online fish delivery in Bangalore.

Premium Sardine / Mathi / Tarli

Sardines are small, oily fish packed with nutrients. They are often used in curries and can be grilled or fried. However, these fish are known by various names, like Mathi or Tarli. Like Mackerel, this is packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve a person’s overall health.

Horse Mackerel / Ayala Para / Vankada

Like regular Mackerel, horse mackerel is known for its distinctive flavor and is commonly used in coastal cuisine. Due to this, it’s a favorite in coastal regions. The horse mackerel is often prepared by grilling or frying, and its robust taste pairs well with bold spices and marinades.

White Sardine / Veloori / Silver Fish / White Fish

White Sardines, called Veloori or Silver Fish, are small, silvery fish versatile in various culinary applications. Their delicate flavor makes them suitable for various cooking methods. They are often used in coastal Indian cuisine.

YellowFin Tuna / Kera

Yellowfin Tuna, known locally as Kera, is a large and powerful fish in warm seas. Yellowfin tuna is a favorite for sushi and sashimi preparations because of its mild flavor and firm texture. It can also be grilled, seared, or cooked in curries, offering a delightful dining experience.

Anchovy / Natholi

Anchovies are small, oily fish with a strong flavor. They are commonly used in various dishes, including salads and pizzas. This is also used in traditional recipes to enhance the taste.

Shrimp Scad / Vatta Paara

Shrimp Scad, known as Vatta Paara, is a Mackerel commonly found in Indian waters. Its firm flesh and mild flavor make it suitable for grilling, frying, or curries. In coastal communities, it’s a prized catch often featured in local delicacies.

Long Rayed Silver Biddy

Long Rayed Silver Biddy is a small, silver-colored fish with a slender body. Its size makes it suitable for quick frying or incorporating into soups and stews.

Different Fish Recipes

Salmon Rice Bowl

A nutritious meal that consists of tender salmon over fluffy rice is called a salmon rice bowl. The combination of textures and flavors makes it a favorite for those seeking a satisfying and healthy option.

Fish Curry

Fish curry is a classic preparation that varies across regions. It’s a staple in India, with different states adding their unique blend of spices. This is made with various ingredients, such as tomatoes, mustard oil, and spices. The result is a rich, aromatic dish that pairs well with rice or bread.

Salmon Curry

While fish curry is a broad term, Salmon Curry deserves a special mention. Salmon’s rich and robust flavor adds a unique twist to traditional curry preparations. It’s often accompanied by fragrant rice or naan.

Masala Fried Pomfret

Pomfret, a white fish with a somewhat sweet flavor, is marinated in a delicious masala sauce and then shallow-fried till crispy in this popular meal. The fish is popular in coastal areas because the masala gives it a spicy and flavorful edge.

Khud-Style Baked Indian Basa

This Khud-Style Baked meal has the prominent ingredient, Indian Basa, a catfish. The fish is perfectly roasted in a traditional clay pot and marinated in Indian spices and herbs. This cooking method imparts a unique smoky flavor to the fish, creating a memorable culinary experience.

Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers

Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers put a playful spin on a classic appetizer. Fish is sliced into finger-sized pieces, cooked till golden brown, then covered in a crispy popcorn shell. This creative take on fish fingers adds a delightful texture and flavor that appeals to kids and adults.

Wrapping Up!

The convenience of online fish delivery in Bangalore opens up a world of culinary possibilities, allowing you to explore a diverse array of fish types and recipes from the comfort of your home. Embark on a culinary journey with online fish shopping, and elevate your dining experiences with the freshest fish delivered straight to your doorstep.

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