Detailed Instructions on How to Play Chess for Beginners

How to play chess Is it easy, how to conquer the chess game? This is a question that bookmaker goal123 has received quite a lot recently. This game, also known as guillotine chess, is an extremely famous folk game in Vietnam. Together goal123 Find out what chess is and how to play it right here.

General introduction to the chess game

Before studying How to play Chess, players should learn a few things about this game series. As mentioned, this is a folk game that has appeared for a long time in Vietnam. It originates from Quang Nam, another name for the burden flag is the guillotine flag.

In the traditional way of playing, players often draw a chess board on the ground and use easily available items such as pebbles, seashells or clam shells to make chess pieces. Due to its folk nature, the gameplay of this game is very easy to understand, highly entertaining and suitable for many people.

That’s why it’s been passed down through generations. Currently, guillotine chess has an online form for players to have the opportunity to experience. In addition to entertainment, chess also requires you to have specific knowledge and strategies. Thereby, you can practice your skills and thinking.

With the development of digital technology and the internet, players can now create chess boards online and play with many people around the world. Just understand its rules and how to play, you will surely conquer successfully.

General information about the chess board of the chess game

Next, players should also spend time learning about the chessboard of this game before applyingHow to play Chess suggested by bookmaker goal123 in this article. As follows:

The chessboard is used to play guillotine chess

The chess board used to play guillotine chess is a square divided into 16 cells by diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. These lines are the movement paths of the chess pieces. In this chessboard, there are also 25 intersection points because these lines correspond to 25 chess piece positions.

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Chess pieces in chess pieces

To distinguish between opponents, the chess pieces in the game are divided into 2 different colors or types. At the beginning of the game, each person will have 8 chess pieces and place them in the following positions:

  • 5 chess pieces are located at 5 intersection points in the last row near your side.
  • The 2 chess pieces are located in the 2nd row, on the outermost sides.
  • 1 chess piece is located in the 3rd row, far left.

Detailed instructions on how to play carry chess from A – Z

After arranging the chess pieces, the player will have the task of capturing all of the opponent’s chess pieces. This means that only the player’s pieces remaining on the table will win. When the game starts, each person will be allowed to move any piece within a range of 25 intersection points. As long as that position does not have any chess pieces. While playing, you may encounter the following situations:


If a player plays his piece to a position between two of his opponent’s pieces. These 3 pieces will form a straight line, this is called a carry. Specifically, the opponent’s two pieces are said to be carried and become pieces of the same type as the player.

Note, you cannot carry while your opponent is moving. Carry only happens when you actively place your piece between those two pieces. In addition, you can also carry 4 or 6 of your opponent’s pieces at once. This move is called “flanking” 4 and “flanking” 6.


In how to play chess,You will also often encounter this situation. Specifically, if your pieces are located around your opponent’s pieces, making them unable to move. At that time, the opponent’s piece is said to be surrounded and turns into your brother’s piece.

Open position

Finally, the open position is a special case in the game. Accordingly, you can proactively create an open position to lure your opponent into the middle to carry your pieces. At that time, you can move further, which is flank 4 or flank 6,

Share good ways to play chess

Outside How to play Chess Simple above, players can refer to a few more good tips below to achieve good results:

  • Practice playing guillotine chess a lot to get used to the gameplay and find the right strategy.
  • Develop specific strategies before playing.
  • Stay highly focused, always calm and comfortable to avoid being psychologically beaten by your opponent.
  • Observe your opponent’s attitude and emotions to make the best move.

Above is an introductory article and instructions How to play Chess Details for players to refer to. If you find this game interesting, register with goal123 now to experience it.

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