Detailed Instructions on How to Play Basic Online Phom for Beginners at  New88

Play Phom Online quite interesting and can compete with many masters everywhere. With its popularity, Phom has appeared on game portals and you can experience it online. Currently, this game is attracting a large number of gamers. So what are the benefits that this game brings? Let’s Neu88 Learn more about this game product right below.

Some details about playing Phom online

One of the famous betting games is phom card. Phom is a game that uses a deck of cards with 52 cards. This game will have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 participants. The player’s job is to take the table from the opponent to combine those cards to create many different phoms.

With phom cards in particular and other types of betting games in general, bookmakers are always improving to provide participants with the most quality, reputable and transparent game.

Outstanding benefits of playing Phom online

Online phom card games are now becoming a great entertainment trend that many people choose because of the way they play and the high-value rewards. Besides, this game also brings players many other outstanding benefits such as:

Join anytime, anywhere

Everyone can participate in this thrilling, brain-fighting game anytime, anywhere as long as they own a smart electronic device with mobile data or a Wifi connection. Let me tell you that the experience will be no different from real-life casinos.

Practice how to handle situations

When playing online phom, the duration of each game is very short and the opponents are mostly strangers. Therefore, players need to judge and think quickly in a short period of time and come up with the most optimal strategies to win.
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Increase your ability to remember and make accurate decisions

Bai Sim is an extremely stimulating game of both memory and thinking. This is a great way for people to both practice their memory and have fun.

Get a lot of money when you win

Players will receive a huge bonus when they become the winner. Besides, participants also have many opportunities to receive valuable gifts such as computers, phones, etc.

Terms you should know about playing Phom online

When participating in the game, everyone needs to understand and grasp the following terms:

Eat: The player must have at least one card that matches the opponent’s card that he intends to eat to be able to create 1 phom.

Trash: Trash is an individual card that cannot be combined with other cards to create phom

Re: Re will appear when the first player lowers their card and their pawn is taken by the next person

Buzz: Buzz is a way to end the match when the player has no more trash cards (except in the case of Buzz).

Rules of playing Phom online

After understanding the terms of playing online phom, now let’s learn about the rules of this game.


Law buzzing

This rule often appears in online phom card games: The player will be considered busted by the house when he has all 3 phom cards.

  • Send: The player can send all the cards at the end of the game
  • U khan: The player does not have any waiting cards after being dealt cards

Temple law

That is when the opponent takes 3 cards, including the last pin and makes another person buzz, or makes the opponent buzz again and the opponent turns pale, then the remaining players are forced to pay a penalty.

How to calculate points

How to calculate points when playing Phom online specifically as follows:

  • 2-person table: That is the time when the last is 0 points and the best is 2 points
  • Table of 3: That is when the last place gets 0 points, the second place gets 1 point and the best place gets 3 points
  • Table of 4: That is when the last place gets 0 points, the third place gets 1 point, the second place gets 3 points, and the best place gets 5 points.

Instructions for playing Phom online effectively

The number of people participating in playing online phom includes 2 – 4 people

  • Members will be dealt 9 cards by the Dealer. But unless the person wins the previous hand, or the dealer has 4 rounds, they will be dealt 10 cards.
  • Minimum amount of money players need to place at the table: That amount must be greater than or equal to 5 times the amount of the table to reach a bet level lower than 20,000 Koins. Besides, that amount must be 10 times greater than or equal to the amount of the table to reach a bet level higher than 20,000 points.

A few notes when playing Phom online

Some things to note when players participate in the Phom card game

Choose a quality, reputable house

To avoid losing a lot of money, players need to choose a reputable bookmaker with quality, transparent and legal operations. At that time, all of your rights will be protected and you will have the best experiences.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the game

No matter what betting game people play, they need to remember that they are having fun, relieving fatigue and stress. Therefore, do not be allowed to get carried away and get carried away with games that waste too much time and money.

Understand your own purpose

In the online card game, players must always keep themselves calm and mentally stable. You need to avoid the influence of the crowd to clearly understand your goals and make accurate judgments about your moves to win.

Some frequently asked questions about playing Phom online

Some frequently asked questions from players participating in online phom card games:

How to master the table and create new tables

To create a table and own it, everyone should come to an empty table and place the table’s bet and choose the number of players, and finally invite other players.

Can the phom card game be redeemed for prizes?

Recently, there have been many questions from players related to whether playing online phom cards at the house can redeem prizes or exchange cards. The answer is yes and the prize money can be huge.

Does the phom card game have a simple way to play?

The rules of playing online phom are similar to the rules of real-life casinos, so you only need to play a few games and you will get used to it right away.


Currently, among all the online betting games of reputable bookmakers today, you cannot ignore playing Phom online. This is an extremely attractive card game, promoting judgment and attracting a lot of participants. So what are you waiting for? Try experiencing it right at the dealer New88 to win the biggest rewards.

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