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Health insurance is a quintessential aspect that safeguards one’s life. In today’s day and age where one plans every aspect of their living, taking a family health insurance has also become a necessary aspect of leading a life that is stress free and gives us a sense of security about our wellbeing. At Chola MS Health Insurance, we believe everyone must take some care to have a thorough understanding of the various health insurance providers and choose the one that aligns the best with our goals and interests. In this blog, you will learn about the various health insurance coverage provided by Chola MS and how you can leverage it to meet your needs.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance is a comprehensive health insurance policy that provides coverage for the entire family. It usually covers the policyholder, children, spouse, and their aging parents. Making use of one such health insurance policy can take care of the well being of your family and can also be very cost effective.

Chola MS Health Insurance

Chola MS is a leading name amongst the general insurance companies in India. Specifically, Chola MS Health Insurance offers a variety of health insurance plans to cater to the varying needs of people and has been serving customers as a trusted name in the industry for many years.

Notable Features of Chola MS Family Health Insurance:

Wide Coverage:

With Chola ms health insurance, especially family health insurance, you do not just get one or two benefits, but it is an entire package. When it comes to family health insurance it gives a wide coverage ranging from hospitalization expenses, pre and post- hospitalization charges and also procedures for daycare and the like. All of this is put in place to ensure that we don’t just cover your expenses at a superficial level but also cover for expenses that might occur before and after an actual health emergency or issue.

In-Patient and Out-Patient Benefits:

At Chola MS family health insurance plans, both your in-patient and out-patient expenses will get covered. These usually comprise consultations with the doctors, diagnostic tests, medications given as prescriptions, and other things.

Maternity Benefits:

Maternity care cannot be neglected, and an area that requires proper resources to be poured into. When you check out suitable family health insurance schemes, check also if they provide maternity coverage, as this portion will cover pre and post-natal expenses, childbirth and delivery charges, and also newborn baby cover for neo-natal care.

No-Claim Bonus:

To those who do not make a claim during a policy year, there is a special reward that Chola MS provides. This can reduce the premium cost and can also increase the sum that has been insured.

Lifetime Renewability:

Another additional feature of the family health insurance provided by Chola MS is the advantage of lifetime renewability that you get. This ensures that the insurance sustains for a longer time period, and also proves to be a beneficial factor for the families that have applied for this.

Cashless Hospitalization:

A noteworthy feature that Chola MS health insurance provides you is the number of tie-ups it has with many hospitals. Because of this, policyholders can also make use of cashless hospitalization, once you opt for this insurance scheme.

Tax Benefits:

Lastly, it is also important to cover the tax benefits when talking about the features of Family health insurance. Those who are availing for this scheme do not have to pay any tax.


Chola MS health insurance has taken care to create family health plans to cater to the needs of varying healthcare needs of different families. These plans are inclusive of extensive coverage, such as hospitalization, lifetime renewability, and compromises very little on the peace, mental and physical well being of the individuals.

In order to reap benefits that will actually matter to you in the long term and create a positive impact, explore the plans on Chola ms health insurance website. Take care to map plans to your needs and choose the family health insurance plan that caters best to your requirements.

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