Best live betting strategies for tennis

In sports competitions characterized by brevity and sharp shifts in momentum, it’s best to play in online mode, aiming to anticipate the impending breakthrough in the game before bookmakers’ analysts, and to place a promising bet at high odds before changes occur in the line at the bookmaker’s. Tennis matches fall into this category of contests.

Characteristics of live tennis betting

Before placing live tennis bets, consider several important nuances:

In women’s matches, the dynamics of the game shift frequently compared to men’s matches. This variance stems from the substantial contrast in ball speed: women typically deliver weaker shots, affording their opponents more time to anticipate and respond, thus equalizing the competition during rallies. Even elite players find it difficult to counter the forceful shots delivered by male players. For those interested in exploring the excitement of tennis betting, platforms like Mostbet India offer a range of options to engage with the sport’s unpredictability and thrill.

Women are more prone to emotions, which affects their level of play: being in an emotional slump, leading to losing one game after another, a well-played game can lift them out of this state, affecting the course of the competition.

Weather conditions have a huge impact on the match: a player blinded by the sun performs worse, gusty wind disrupts accuracy on court, and rain forces the referee to declare a break, during which a trailing player calms down, adjusts to the fight, and sometimes turns around an almost lost match.

There are frequent cases when a tennis player plays with a minor injury or a severe cold to preserve prize money and points, but playing in such a situation leaves much to be desired.

Betting insurance

In tennis, the course of the match can change dramatically several times, leading to significant changes in odds. This allows for placing bets with insurance during the match.

Insurance can be used in two more cases:

During analysis, the user realizes that the bookmakers have severely underestimated the outsider and bets on their victory before the start of the match. If the outsider manages to challenge the opponent, the odds for the favorite to win increase, allowing for an insurance bet to be placed during the match.

When two evenly matched opponents with weak serves meet, 2-3 breaks can occur on each side within one set, especially in women’s matches, allowing for quickly placing live tennis bets at high odds for the victory of each player.

Popular strategies

Many working theories of live tennis betting are based on the assumed sharp change in the competition, allowing for playing at high odds.

40:40 in games

During the match, bets can be placed on a score of 40:40 in a game with odds above 3.0. You can also bet against this score.

The score of 40:40 should be targeted on the underdog with a weak serve, allowing the favorite to challenge the opponent’s serve, often leading to this score. This tactic works well in women’s tournaments.

It’s better to bet that the score will not be 40:40 on the favorite’s game with a powerful serve. If the favorite has a high percentage of first serve points won and a high serve speed, it’s practically impossible for the opponent to challenge them. This tactic works well.


At 15:15 score

Pay attention to the odds set by the bookmaker, indicating that a score of 15:15 is possible at the beginning of the game. This option is offered at 1.90. Usually, the odds rarely exceed 2.10, as a score of 15:15 is a common occurrence.

In one set, there are immediately 4 games with a score of 15:15 in the screenshot, with three of them simultaneously occurring on the serve of one tennis player. This can happen when a tennis player has a weak first serve or a low percentage of first serve points won, allowing the opponent to gain points at the beginning of the game.

It’s better to bet on a score of 15:15 in a game where the tennis player has a weak serve.

On the losing favorite in the set

In tennis, favorites often lose at the beginning of a set for several reasons:

Underestimation of the opponent.

The underdog has played 1-2 matches in the qualifiers, gotten into rhythm, and gained momentum, while for the favorite, it’s their first game in the tournament and they need time to “find” their game.

The favorite has chosen an unsuccessful tactic against the opponent, but during the match, based on experience and coach’s advice, they make adjustments and start to outplay the underdog.

As soon as the favorite falters at the start of the set, the odds for their victory in the set and in the match as a whole begin to rise. In such a situation, the main thing is to detect the turning point when the favorite levels the game and takes control of the match, and to place a bet at high odds before the bookmaker adjusts.

On the favorite

When the favorite is winning during the match, the odds for their victory become lower, and it makes no sense to bet even with a “ladder” strategy. The exception is matches where the favorite is not obvious, and their victory was offered at odds of 1.60-1.70 before the game. Here, pay attention to negative handicaps if during the match it’s evident that the underdog is losing in all parameters and is only risking to take a few of their games. A favorite with a powerful serve, playing against a blatantly weak opponent, doesn’t allow the opponent to make any breaks and wins several games on their serve in each set.

On breaks

Bookmakers offer high odds for a player’s break, especially for the underdog in the match, often exceeding 3.0. Therefore, it’s better to use the “catch-up” system.

It’s better to bet on breaks when:

In a match between two evenly matched opponents, one makes a break at the beginning of the set—bet against the losing player.

“Catch-up” on a break against a player with an obviously weak serve.

When one player is psychologically down and literally “dropping the ball,” it’s worth betting on their opponent’s break.

On the first server

Some bettors consider this a foolproof strategy for live tennis betting with careful selection of the match. The first place goes to the percentage of first serve points won, the percentage of winning their own games, and the speed of the ball. The higher the indicators, and the player being in good shape, the higher the probability that the player will take their serve in the first game of the match, when opponents are just getting to know each other and adjusting their chosen tactics.

We recommend choosing players who have already played one match in the tournament, allowing them to gain form and acclimatize. In the second and subsequent matches, such players play more confidently on their serves. Pay special attention to players who have qualified for the main draw when facing an evenly matched opponent.

Against tired players

Often, a meeting between two roughly equal opponents is exhausting and greatly draining. Here, the player’s physical preparation comes to the fore, forcing the bettor to carefully monitor the match. Seeing that one of the opponents is starting to not reach the ball, making frequent errors, while the other player continues to play at a high level, you can confidently bet against the tired tennis player.

When meeting an “obvious favorite – strong underdog,” the latter puts up a fierce resistance in the first set, expending a lot of energy. Towards the end of the match, the underdog becomes significantly tired and loses the match.

These are the popular strategies and bets on live tennis with examples, now it remains to apply all this knowledgeably in real betting in bookmakers.

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