Are Natural Persons Taxable Under Corporate Tax in UAE

To determine the scope of corporate taxation for individuals in the UAE, it is essential to grasp the concept of “natural persons.” In the context of corporate tax, a natural person encompasses any living individual, irrespective of age or residency, whether within the UAE or abroad. Thus, to effectively determine taxability and ensure compliance with the corporate tax law, businesses are advised to seek the expert services of trusted Tax Consultants Dubai UAE.

Applicability of Corporate Tax Law to Natural Persons:

The Corporate Tax Law in the UAE becomes relevant for natural persons under specific circumstances. Firstly, it applies when individuals engage in conducting business activities within the UAE, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of taxable business operations. Additionally, the Corporate Tax Law is applicable when natural persons derive State Sourced Income, indicating income accrued or derived directly from the UAE. A nuanced understanding of these scenarios is pivotal for individuals navigating the complexities of corporate taxation in the UAE.

Exemptions for Natural Persons:

Certain types of income are exempt from Corporate Tax for natural persons in the UAE. This includes employment income, protecting individuals from corporate tax on earnings from employment. Personal investment income and real estate investment income also fall under this exemption, providing relief for individuals engaged in these financial activities. This exemption framework underscores the UAE’s balanced approach to taxing natural persons, recognizing specific income sources deserving relief.

International Agreements:

The landscape of Corporate Tax for natural persons in the UAE is further influenced by international agreements. Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) take precedence in cases of inconsistency between the Corporate Tax Law and the agreement. Understanding the implications of these agreements is essential, especially in determining residence and the extent of Corporate Tax for natural persons. A thoughtful consideration of applicable DTAs between the UAE and other jurisdictions becomes a critical factor in navigating the complexities of cross-border taxation, ensuring a fair and consistent application of tax laws for natural persons.

Understanding Tax Liability for Natural Persons in UAE:

In the context of Corporate Tax in the UAE, the taxability of natural persons is determined by key considerations. Specifically, a natural person engaged in a business or business activity within the UAE assumes the dual status of a Taxable Person and a Resident Person under the Corporate Tax Law.

Corporate Tax Implications for Business Activities:

Corporate Tax applies to the business or business activity of a natural person when the total turnover from activities in the UAE exceeds AED 1 million within a Gregorian calendar year. It is essential to note that certain income categories, including wage, personal investment income, and real estate investment income, are exempt from consideration when determining turnover for Corporate Tax purposes.

Exemptions in Corporate Tax Assessment:

Certain income categories are explicitly excluded when assessing turnover for Corporate Tax purposes. These include wage, personal investment income, and real estate investment income. In essence, the taxability of natural persons in the UAE under Corporate Tax is highly determined by the nature of their business activities and the specific income streams involved.


Key essential considerations should be taken into account when assessing the taxation of natural persons, including the applicability of the Corporate Tax Law based on business activities, permanent establishment, and income sources. Exemptions for natural persons, such as employment and personal investment income, offer insights into the nuanced tax landscape. International agreements, especially Double Taxation Agreements, play a pivotal role in determining tax residence.

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