Achieve Smooth Footage with a Gimbal Stabilizer

A gimbal stabilizer is an essential filmmaking tool for capturing stable, shake-free videos. Mount your camera onto a handheld gimbal stabilizer to achieve smooth cinematic shots and steady motion during action sequences. For home movie-makers or amateur videographers, investing in a quality gimbal stabilizer pays dividends in upping production value.

Achieve Smooth Footage with a Gimbal Stabilizer

Advanced 3-Axis Stabilization

Gimbal stabilizers like the DJI RS 3 Pro from SmallRig utilize advanced algorithms and sensors on 3 axes. This intelligently keeps your camera level and steady when moving. The three-motor stabilization compensates for natural hand shakes and smooths out camera movements. You get fluid, stabilized footage when filming by hand.

Flexible Shooting Modes

SmallRig’s gimbal stabilizers feature multiple handy shooting modes for versatility across situations. Lock mode keeps the camera strictly level, while Follow mode allows natural tilting and panning movements with stabilization. Customizable pan and tilt follow speeds allow adjusting the responsiveness of movements.

Long Battery Life

Shoot for extended periods handheld thanks to the integrated batteries within SmallRig stabilizers. For example, the Ronin SC model offers up to 12 hours runtime. Hot-swappable dual battery modules let you exchange batteries without powering down the gimbal for unlimited runtime.

Quick Setups and Portability

SmallRig’s gimbals are designed for quick, tool-less setup right out of the case. Their lightweight foldable designs – like that of the Ronin SC at just 2.4lbs – make them highly portable. Carry a professional-grade stabilizer anywhere for travel filming. The one-handed operation also makes it easy to bring smooth stabilization to tight spots.


Founded in 2013, SmallRig designs and manufactures complete accessory solutions for content creatives. Based on the needs of videographers, working closely with brands like Canon, Sony, DJI and more, SmallRig delivers exceptional stabilization, lighting, audio, and other film equipment. For unmatched steady cam footage straight from your hands, put your trust in a SmallRig gimbal stabilizer.

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