8 Tips To Win In Balaji Day Satta Matka


Satta matka is one of the famous games in India. In order to win, the player has to choose a pair of numbers. Now a player can choose those numbers randomly but the chances of winning are very low. So instead of picking numbers randomly you can use the tips that we are going to show you in the paragraph ahead for the most popular satta matka games known as Balaji day . So stick to the end to get the most out of this blog. We are provind tips like this on our website satta matka mobi.

How to play balaji day

Playing balaji day is very easy. The rules of this game are the same as other satta matka games like milan day.  Choose the pair of three numbers ranging from 0 to 9. All these three numbers should be distinct. The time to pick a number is 1:00 Pm to 2:00 PM. This game comes under the regular bazzar game that means a player can bet two times a day. One at the opening and another at the closing. The results are displayed as soon as the game ends and for both time there are separate results.

8 Tips To win in Balaji Day

Choose the time

As we mentioned above a player can play balaji day satta matka two times, one at the time of opening and another at closing. So choose the one that best suits you; it can be opening or closing or both. Now suppose you choose the opening time which is 1:00 PM so try to place your bets 10 minutes before because 2-3 minutes after the opening the betting portal starts to close and the players are not allowed to bet after that.

Use satta calculation

Satta calculation is the best way to pick the right pair of numbers. Suppose you choose 789 as you pair and you want to select the ideal winning number using that pair then satta calculation is mandatory. Add the numbers in your pair and the last digit is your winning number. Let us show you how 7+8+9= 24 so the last digit 4 is your winning number. No matter what place you bet for this number because that’s how the single number results are drawn.

Use Balaji Day Jodi Chart

Now you must be wondering how to choose the ideal winning number then the balaji day jodi chart is the best help. In this chart the results that are drawn in the past are shown.All the results are in jodi format. The first result is the opening time result and the second number is the closing time result. You can use this number to pick your ideal winning number. Look at the chart and find which number is drawn on the regular basis and pick that number for your picking.

Use matka guessing forum for accuracy

The Matka guessing forum is the best way to double check your picking. In this forum the satta experts with years of experience guess the pair of numbers that has capability of get drawn in the upcoming result. If you are not sure about your picking and looking for someone to double check then this can help you a lot.

Go slow

Going slow means at first starting with a little investment. When players start with a big investment without any prior knowledge of the game and end up losing all. So till the day you get enough experience to bet high go with the low investment.

Set goals

Set earning and investing goals for yourself. Every month take out the little portion out of your salary and bet using that only. Set your learning goals and as soon as you achieve it stop there. Don’t become greedy.

Try out new strategy

If you find the strategy which is not working for you then try to figure out a new strategy that will be the fit for you. Imply it and if that also doesn’t work try out new one until the day you find yourself a perfect strategy.

Invest in more than one game

Instead of investing all your money in one game portion it and invest in two, three games. Suppose if you lose money in one dpboss game then there are chances to recover that money in the other two.

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Games like balaji day, milan day, satta matka have the capability to make you rich in no time. It all depends on the way you play this game and how much money you are investing in it. Try to enter in the game after you get all the knowledge of the game. We have shown you the tips and tricks that work in real games and are used by the experts. For more tips like this visit our website satta matka mobi.

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