5 Ways You Can Prevent Diabetes

5 Ways You Can Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that is affecting millions of people in the world. There are two types of diabetes affecting people: Diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. However, diabetes can be prevented. This is because diabetes type 2 is also known as a lifestyle disease. This means a change in your lifestyle can either decrease or increase your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes or you can deliberately choose to keep this disease away by the way you live. You can learn more about how to prevent diabetes by getting advice from experts. However, the measures below can help you prevent the risk of contracting diabetes if you follow them carefully.

1. Watch Your Diet

What you eat highly contributes to either increasing your chances of getting diabetes or increasing them. Diabetes is caused by increased blood sugar levels and low production of insulin in our bodies. A high intake of fatty foods and foods that are carbohydrate-refined decreases your chance of contracting diabetes with time.

To prevent diabetes, you should eat food that contains low fats and sugars. You should also ensure that you constantly observe eating a balanced diet. Reduce your intake of food like white bread, potatoes, and sugary cereals. You should also avoid too much intake of processed meat like pork, bacon, ham, and sausages. These foods contain calories and take time to be converted into sugar. They process excess fat in your body which takes time to digest, therefore increasing our risk of diabetes.

Increase your intake of foods rich in fiber, and low fats. They help your body to easily break down fats and slowly absorb sugar which helps in lowering your blood levels.

2. Exercise Regularly 

Physical exercise plays a vital role in preventing diabetes. They help you to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, and increase sensitivity to insulin in your body which helps keep your blood sugars at normal levels. When you exercise regularly., your muscles become more sensitive to insulin which allows glucose to penetrate through cells more effectively.

Exercise also has anti-inflammatory effects which reduces inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation highly contributes to the development of diabetes and regularly exercising can prevent that.

3. Watch Your Weight

A loss in weight can reduce your risk of getting diabetes. People who are obese are at a greater risk of contracting diabetes. By losing weight, people reduce the risk of diabetes-related conditions such as high blood pressure, which are the high causes of diabetes. To lose weight, ensure you have a balanced diet in the right proportions and exercise regularly. You can take a 20-30 minute walk a day, or a 1-hour exercise in the gym.

4. Drink Water Regularly

Taking water regularly helps your body to control insulin levels. When the levels of insulin are balanced, the risk of diabetes is lower. Reduce the intake of alcoholic drinks and other beverages and take water instead.


Lifestyle highly affects health. Watching things like weight, exercising regularly, watching your diet, and drinking water regularly are some of the ways we can prevent the risks of getting diabetes. Ensure you embrace a healthy living lifestyle and kick diabetes out of your life. You can learn more about it here by getting advice from experts.

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