2011 World Cup Champion, Zaheer Khan was also elected BalleBaazi.com Product Ambassador


BalleBaazi.com continues to live up to its proverb and honors the heroes of the 2011 World Cup. This brand is well-known for offering the best sports experience around the globe and has appointed Zaheer Khan, one of Team India’s top players, as their brand ambassador. Yuvraj Singh, Man of the Tournament 2011, approved the product. The company will be led by the Padma Shri & Arjuna Award, which demonstrates the skills required to play and excel online fiction.

With their series of upcoming cricket tournaments at national level, Zaheer Khan, a clever rider, is just beginning to associate with BalleBaazi.com The series and its campaign are set to launch soon. Cricket fans can expect this to be the most important tournament in India. This will be an innovative idea that will be held at BalleBaazi.com so that cricket fans can show their talents and win big!

Mr. Saurabh Chopra CEO of BalleBaazi.com welcomed Zaheer Khan as their brand ambassador. Zaheer Khan is a talented and dedicated individual that fits in well with our vision. We believe that to succeed in any endeavor, one must have an idol who is able to accomplish it repeatedly. We want Zaheer, through this organization to fulfill that role for our users. Zaheer was instrumental in the transformation of India into a world-class cricket side and we hope that BalleBaazi.com, under his leadership, will revolutionize the OFS industry. 

Zaheer Khan, center-left, said that he was happy to welcome the organization. It’s interesting to see the growth of skill-based games such as the Fantasy Games in India over the past five year. It’s a pleasure to see that today’s sports fans are not just spectators, but have made informed decisions about the sport. This section was able to change many misconceptions and became a play format for all the games. It is a great honor to be part of this growing legend, which celebrates and glorifies every Indian sport with its partial participation. 

BalleBaazi.com is a leader in the gaming industry, providing a great gaming experience as well as a playground for fans. The company recently created the first Player Intelligence feature, which allows companies to gain greater insight while building their teams. This includes location-specific performance history and point-point division. It also provides player form and scoring along with a round-the-box power-item. BalleBaazi.com has new programs and additions. It makes it fun for sports to work together and entertains fans.


BalleBaazi.com is an online sports game that Baazi Games offers. It is one of the most popular sports betting platforms in India. The app also allows you to check NFCC ranking. Sports enthusiasts with game knowledge can make real money playing the app. The platform was launched in 2018 and has attracted over 8 million users with its innovative features and formats in OFS.

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